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Role of Nanostructured Defects through Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation for Resistive Switching of Manganite Thin Film Devices: A Short Review

Submission: September 17, 2019;Published: October 15, 2019


Recently, memory devices based on resistive switching (RS) have attracted enormous attention of researchers due to their fast switching speed, cost effective fabrication, great endurance and retention behaviors, small power consumption, simple structure and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) compatibility. Amid various materials, manganite’s are known to possess both the elemental RS types, i.e. unipolar and bipolar switching. Formation of defects, induced by Swift Heavy Ion (SHI) irradiation, can influence the resistive state (i.e. RS) of the manganite devices through nanostructuring. In short, nanostructuring for manganite thin films through SHI irradiation offers the improvement in their RS behaviors.

Keywords: Nanostructuring; Resistive switching; SHI irradiation

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