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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Particulate Vaccines Orchestrating Optimal Delivery and Immune Response

Submission: July 04, 2019;Published: July 15, 2019


Vaccines play a vital role in neutralizing deadly infectious diseases, and particularly particulate vaccine appears more promising due to its similar morphology with the pathogen. Particulate vaccines are effective in low doses, offset inadequate efficacy of subunit vaccine, and provide danger signals to activate the body’s immune system. It further enhances the stability of entrapped antigen and can be well tolerated in both animals and humans. For better understanding of immune response, it is important to know the physical attributes of particulate vaccine such as its size, shape and rigidity. Consequently, tailoring the physicochemical properties of particulates can alter the type and magnitude of immune response. Herein, we briefly review the impact of size, shape and rigidity of particulates in skewing the immune response and its benefits over the soluble form of vaccine.

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