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Degenerative Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

The Ideological Basis of Stupidity

  • Open or Close James F Welles*

    East Marion, USA

    *Corresponding author: James F Welles, P.O. Box 17, East Marion, New York, USA, Tel: 631323-8153; Email:

Submission: January 19, 2018;Published: April 10, 2018

Volume1 Issue3
April 2018


Every belief system is invariably accompanied by an ideologyanother cultural universal [1] which plays its role in fostering stupidity throughout the human family. As the intellectual face of a given secular dogma which can become nearly theological in nature and disastrous in intensity [2], each ideology provides its believers with a raison d’etre and a logical justification for existence (although it may appear irrational to outsiders if based on flaky assumptions). It describes, to their satisfaction, their relations with other people and to the universe as they perceive it [3]. Further, it provides a means of compre hending the environment, and it also serves as a guide to action [4] (or inaction) so as to maintain as secure and static a psychic quo as possible. It provides a society with an explanation of itself which suppresses underlying contradictions [5].

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