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Degenerative Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

The Stupidity of Perception

  • Open or Close James F Welles*

    812 Briny Ave., #12B, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA

    *Corresponding author: James F Welles, 812 Briny Ave., #12B, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA, Email:

Submission: December 01, 2017;Published: December 12, 2017

Volume1 Issue1
December 2017


In vertebrates, incoming sensory data are picked up by the five major senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. However, even in monkeys, info picked up by the eyes does not go directly from the optic nerve to the visual cortex of the brain; it first passes through temporal lobe where it is edited and modified [1]. In the case of our own species, this process can lead to maladaptation through limited, distorted and/or inventive tinkering with data. It is a feature common to schematic systems and makes stupidity a normal part of the human experience, since stupidity is based on the subjective nature of perception, which requires the ob-server to be actively involved in the process [2].

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