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Developments in Clinical & Medical Pathology

Pre Conception Health and Counselling-Are We Doing Enough?

Submission: May 22, 2018; Published: May 31, 2018

Volume1 Issue3
May 2018


The twentieth and twenty first centuries have witnessed remarkable advances in the field of maternal fetal medicine. Unfortunately, still the mothers are dying around the world with complications of pregnancy and most of these pregnancies are unplanned. Millennium development goal number 5 focused on reduction of maternal mortality but all countries could not achieve their targets. Now, in 2015 Sustainable Development Goals [SDCs] were finalized. The agenda recognizes non-communicable diseases NCDs] as a major challenge for sustainable development and global community realizes that NCDs as an emerging priority to advance women’s health and development. in which Goal number 3.1 deals with improving health for all ages, including women in reproductive health and the aim is to reduce maternal mortality from 196 to 17 per 100,000 maternities. One of the foremost and well recognized critical component is preconception health and care or the lack of it, still in many countries including those in middle east.

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