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Developments in Anaesthetics & Pain Management

Fluro Imaging: A Boon to Difficult Subarachnoid Block

Submission: August 24, 2018; Published: November 09, 2018

Volume1 Issue5
November 2018


26-year young female, a known case of long-standing ankylosing spondylitis and suspected case of osteopetrosis having fracture shaft femur had presented to us for lower limb surgery. Difficult spine and limited neck movement due to fusion of vertebras make regional and general anesthesia a challenge for anesthesiologist. After failure of traditional approach to central neuraxial block, fluoroscopic guided block spinal anesthesia was achieved successfully. But with experienced hands, Fluro imaging helps to deal with difficult situation like ankylosing spondylitis safely..

Keywords: Ankylosing spondylitis; Difficult spine; Fluro imaging

Abbreviation: AS: Ankylosing Spondylitis; LS: Lumbosacral; AP: Anteroposterior; SAB: Subarachnoid Block; USG: Ultrasonography; OT: Operation Theater

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