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Developments in Anaesthetics & Pain Management

Correlation Between Degree of Preoperative Anxiety and Postoperative Pain in Patients Under Elective Surgery

Submission: October 05, 2018; Published: November 05, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/DAPM.2018.01.000523

ISSN 2640-9399
Volume1 Issue5


Introduction Preoperative anxiety frequently encountered in patients before surgery, contributes and/or predisposes to different undesirable effects in the postoperative period of these patients, highlighting postoperative pain although a close relationship has not been established yet. There are a large number of validated scales that help to assess the degree of anxiety and pain that each patient will experience during their surgical procedure

Objective: To determine the degree of correlation between preoperative anxiety and the level of postoperative pain in patients under elective surgery.

Material and methods: Correlation study carried out in HGR No.1 IMSS Obregón, Sonora from January 2016 to May 2106, in patients electively programmed for orthopedic and orthopedic surgery. Measuring level of anxiety with Amsterdam scale and postoperative pain with visual analogue scale.

Results: There is a positive relationship between the perceived pain of patients with respect to the preoperative anxiety suffered

Conclusion: Preoperative anxiety is directly linked to the postoperative pain of the patient undergoing elective traumatology surgery.

Keywords: Anxiety; Pain; Surgery; Elective

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