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Determinations in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Case Report: Mastectomy for Mammary Fibroadenoma in Miix Pom Dog

Submission: September 29, 2022;Published: December 14, 2022


A female mix pom dog, 6 years old, and weight 6kg, has a lump on the second and third mammary glands on the right. Physically and clinically the dog looks healthy. The results of the histopathological examination of tumor tissue biopsy showed an area of necrosis filled with fibrinous exudate fluid surrounded by connective tissue fibroblasts and infiltration of inflammatory cells of neutrophils and macrophages, so that dog was diagnosed with mammary fibroadenoma with faustal prognosis. The dog was treated by performing mastectomy surgery to excise (remove) the tumor. After surgery, the dog was given cefotaxim 20mg/kg BW intravenous. Then continued with cefixime 10mg/kg BW and mefenamic acid 25mg/kg BW twice a day orally for five days and topical drugs given enbatic powder. On the 14th day after surgery the dog was declared cured with a surgical wound that was dry and fused.

Keywords:Abcess; Female dog; Mastectomy; Fibroadenoma

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