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Determinations in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Assessing the Psychological Benefits of Animal Companions: The Importance of a Multidimensional Approach

  • Open or CloseChris Blazina*

    Retired professor, New Mexico, USA

    *Corresponding author: Chris Blazina, Retired professor, psychologist, 54 skyline dr. Sandia Park, New Mexico 87047, USA

Submission: July 02, 2021;Published: July 07, 2021


In this brief article, it is suggested that a multidimensional approach is necessary to explore and understand the role of animal companions as possibly affecting the psychological well-being of human beings. To date, a more global factor is sought in terms of the pet effect, when human-animal interaction leads to positive psychological change. The approach leaves many in the field of human-animal interaction wondering about its legitimacy i.e., having pets leads all people to having happy, symptom free lives.

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