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Determinations in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Poultry Industry in Egypt

  • Open or CloseAhmed Galal*

    Poultry Production Department, Egypt

    *Corresponding author: Ahmed Galal, Poultry Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Submission: December 05, 2019;Published: December 10, 2019


In recent years, the poultry industry has become a supportive industry for Egyptian food security. Annual production of broiler chickens is about 1.8 billion birds in 2019 (source: General Federation of Poultry Producers), and according to future projections, the production volume may reach about 2 billion broiler chicks in 2025. This means that the total volume of poultry meat consumed in 2025 will be 13% higher than the volume consumed in 2019. These forecasts are very important and according to other experts, annual consumption can easily grow between 5 to 7%. Importantly, imports represent almost 5% of Egypt’s total poultry consumption. This means that with the current level of poultry meat consumption, Egypt has become almost self-sufficient with domestic production. Poultry meat exports are not important because of the country’s bird flu virus outbreak. GDP growth, middle class growth, and population growth are the main factors contributing to increased consumption of poultry meat. Growing consumer demand for animal protein at affordable prices has led to increased production of broiler chickens in Egypt.

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