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Seismic Risk Evaluation of Buckling Restrained Braced Building with Irregularities using Pushover Analysis

  • Open or CloseShobha Ram1, Syed Kaleem AZ2 and Naveen Kumar3*

    11Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Greater Noida India

    2Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Section, India

    3PG Scholar, School of Engineering, Greater Noida India

    *Corresponding author: Naveen Kumar, PG Scholar, School of Engineering, GB University, Greater Noida India

Submission: November 02, 2020; Published: February 19, 2021


Earthquake is a natural calamity which occurs frequently on the earth’s surface and leads to lots of damage to life and property. It occurs due release of energy from earth’s crust which results in shaking of ground. Nowadays, greatest challenge for a civil engineer is to make buildings which are seismic resistant because in today’s building construction irregularities cannot be avoided. These problems of irregularities can be overcome by incorporating the bracing into the structure. Braced frames are very good in resisting large number of lateral forces such as earthquake, wind forces and they have reduced lateral deflection. In this study, G+10 story building is being analysed by considering vertical and horizontal irregularities using different types of steel bracing system such as v-type steel bracing and diagonal type buckling restrained bracing and their results are compared with bare frame model. Steel braced model shows good results as compared to buckling restrained bracings models.

Keywords: Pushover Analysis; Horizontal and vertical irregularity; Steel bracings; Buckling restrained bracings; Bare frame

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