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COJ Reviews & Research

Life and the Self-aware Energy

Berov G Lyubomir*

Engineer, Independent Innovative Ideas Researcher, Bulgaria

*Corresponding author: Berov G Lyubomir, Engineer, Independent Innovative Ideas Researcher, Smolyan 4700, Bulgaria

Submission: November 12, 2020; Published: December 17, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/COJRR.2020.02.000550

ISSN 2639-0590
Volum2 Issue5


On a subconscious level, we feel, we know, that the primary is a living energy field. On a conscious level, perhaps because our five senses, which we firmly believe in, do not recognize its radiation, the primary is the biological body.

Keywords:Living energy field; Cruel fate; Inanimate nature; Electrons “prefer”;Human biofield

Dear Reader, what is a “Living Creature”?

In the modern science and philosophy there is not a generally accepted and unambiguous definition of life. As an example, one well-known definition, offered by the theory of living systems, is that living beings are self-organizing and autopoetic (i.e., able to reproduce and maintain themselves) objects. However, despite their differences and ambiguities, all currently existing definitions of life share one key underlying principle – that life is a property, distinguishing objects that perform biological processes from those that do not. The living objects’ biological processing is terminated at the arrival of death. The non-living objects, on the other hand, never perform biological processes, and this is a key characteristic feature of the so-called inanimate nature. From the above discussion becomes obvious that only the objects that perform biological processes can be creative objects.
For now, man is the only living creature known to us which, because of performing biological processes, has developed intelligence. I define intelligence as the ability to think – to perceive, realize and use information. In my opinion, to be the only one, is a cruel fate. Such fate has developed in us, on a deep subconscious level, the belief that we are the most superior creatures in nature and, to continue our existence, we must maintain this status quo at all costs. This is how one of our main goals has formed - to constantly expand our range of existence until we dominate the whole universe. Moreover, if we come across other intelligent living beings, we must subdue them at all costs and keep our leadership. And all this is because we have accepted the principle quoted above as fundamental [1].
Dear reader, I think it is time to try and find a more meaningful explanation. It is time to take a step towards the vast and unified order that underlies everything in nature through a principle that is simpler and does not divide the living creatures into those that perform biological processes and those that do not. Let us define this principle as follows: “Nature consists of living energy fields [2]. The concept of “inanimate nature” does not exist”. What would the world look like if we accepted this principle? And where, both the ancient esoteric knowledge and certain scientific facts of the modern science, meet this principle in a complete harmony? Here is my interpretation:
Until now, the term “energy” has been understood as a scalar physical quantity that characterizes the ability of a system to change the state of its environment. According to my hypothetical principle, I attribute to the energy fields not only the above-mentioned characteristic but also all the abilities that characterize a living being (according to our current understanding). In a nutshell, all energy fields in nature, from the fields of the microparticles to the dark energy field, are alive [3].
And so, according to my principle, all energy fields can expand or contract the area in which they are active. They can interact with each other and they are intelligent. In other words, all energy fields can think, they can perceive and realize information, as well as use it. They have consciousness and can understand reality, to make sense of it. Their consciousness is both individual as well as communal or collective. Energy fields do not die, they simply change from one form to another. I believe, the living beings, as we perceive life today, do not die either. However, I think that we are not yet ready to grasp this concept. The levels of intelligence, of consciousness, of interaction between the energy fields are infinitely varied.
Dear reader, for now, the hypothesis that the energy fields are alive does not have the support of direct scientific evidence. Nature only hints to us at this, and I see this “hint” in the following three examples:
The first example comes from the modern studies of the microworld and it refers to the science of the fermions. Recall that several microparticles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, and quarks, are classified as fermions. Let me start with quoting Pauli’s famous principle, formulated by Wolfgang Pauli in 1925 for electrons and extended in 1940 to all fermions: “Two identical fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state at the same time, they must differ by at least one quantum number.” In other words, only one combination of matter can exist in the same space. This also means that each electron is unique. Another quality of electrons, namely that each energy level could contain at most two electrons, was discussed in 1919 by Irving Langmuir, and was proven in 1940 by Pauli within the framework of relativistic quantum mechanics and the wave function of a system of fermions. Electrons “prefer” to be at the lowest possible energy level - they can even release energy in the form of photons to ensure this. But who is unique in this world, who can show preferences? These are characteristics inherent to life and electrons seem to possess them. In other words, each electron can be views as a living micro energy field [4].
Now the second example: who, in our universe, has the highest level of consciousness, of intellect? This is a typical human question. To be able to understand things, we must classify them by all possible criteria, don’t we? This question has been asked by mankind since time immemorial and the answer has been, and still is, that it is God. God who resembles a human being but is almighty. According to my understanding, there is indeed a primary force that gives birth to and governs everything else, and that is the Dark Energy Field. However, we must come to terms with the fact that this primary force does not look like a human being at all. I have discussed this hypothesis in more detail in another one of my articles -” Time: Philosophy of Science “. The dark energy, which in my opinion coincides in its essence with the concept of Time, is the living energy field with the highest intellect and consciousness. And, in the rankings, we are probably immeasurably lower than the level of intelligence of the dark energy [5].
Dear reader, and now the third and last example which builds on the hypothesis that “nature is the living energy fields”. In this example, we will focus deeper on one specific energy field which characterized the human being, and which, I think, the higher energies in the universe likely also sense in us. This is the human biofield.
The concept of the human biofield, albeit without being stated in scientific form, has been known to many Eastern teachings and religions since thousands of years. Among those are the Indian Hinduism, the Chinese Taoism, the Tibetan Buddhism, and the Japanese esoteric Buddhism. In addition to the ancient teachings, some of the most famous scientists of the developing Western European civilization have proven, via their experimental work over the last two decades, that the human biofield does indeed exist. Here are several key discoveries on the subject, in chronological order:

A. 1810 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his work “History of Colors” describes the visible light emitted by plants.
B. 1845 – Karl Ludwig Freiherr von Reichenbach studies the human aura. He presented the results of his work in the journal Annalen der Chemie und Physik, in a series of 7 articles, which he called “Study of magnetism, electricity, heat, light and their relations in the life force”.
C. 1885 – the American Professor of Psychology Joseph Rodes Buchanan.
D. 1895 – the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla demonstrates the gaseous emission of living organisms with his camera.
E. 1904 – the Russian scientist Alexander Gavrilovich Gurvich recorded the energy radiation of human cells and created the concept of the biological field - the biofield. The scientist argued that the formation of the physical body as such occurs based on the “information energy skeleton”.
F. 1939 – Simeon Davidovich and Valentina Hrisanfovna Kirlian discover a new way to capture the invisible human auras using a high-frequency electric field. The method is called the Kirlian effect.
G. 1996 – Russian professor Konstantin Korotkov patented a device for gas-discharge visualization, thanks to which it is possible to capture and analyze the electronic image of the aura with the help of a computer.

Korotkov tried to analyze the post-mortem radiation and connect it to the causes of death. At the end of the twentieth century, more than a hundred variants of the aura fixation device were developed around the world. Today, these discoveries are actively used in the field of mental research – parapsychology, bioenergy, and energy informatics.
Recently, the combination of modern fundamental discoveries in the field of bio-nanophysics and the philosophy of Eastern medicine has led to the creation of medical nanodevices. They have produced remarkable results in the treatment of very serious, even terminal, diseases. These devices first focus, collect and capture infrared radiation, that carries information about the state of the biofield. Their second function is to transmit the necessary healing instructions to the relevant control centers in the brain through biophysical stimulation of the energy meridians and acupuncture points known from the traditional Chinese medicine [6].
Dear reader, the rich knowledge discussed above offers a clear demonstration that nature is a collection of living energy fields, and that we, the human beings, are one microparticle of those fields. Perhaps the above examples did not completely convince you of this, because it is a vast subject. But I hope I have piqued your interest. I think that the exciting discoveries are yet to come, because a huge amount of scientific research has been conducted on the human biofield, but there is not in-depth look at the nature of the ongoing processes. What in these processes, both the ancient esoteric knowledge and modern science, fail to consider? It is the question “What is primary?”.
In words it is energy, but in practice it is always the biological material body that emits the aura, and it is subjected to research and experiments. On a subconscious level, we feel, we know, that the primary is a living energy field. On a conscious level, perhaps because our five senses, which we firmly believe in, do not recognize its radiation, the primary is the biological body. This fundamental mistake is an extreme obstacle on our way to achieving a higher level of intellect and consciousness. When most people overcome it, humanity is likely to achieve health and healing, knowledge, and wisdom, and even immortality [7].


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© 2020 Berov G Lyubomir. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.