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COJ Reviews & Research

Preserving Mental Health in the World During the Pandemic

Bruna Daniele Rodrigues da Silva*


*Corresponding author: Bruna Daniele Rodrigues da Silva, Brazil

Submission: May 19, 2020; Published: May 27, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/COJRR.2020.02.000547

ISSN 2639-0590
Volum2 Issue5


When we talk about mental health, related to the theme as emphatic as the pandemic, leads us to understand how all this is happening in such a globalized world, in relation to so many diseases that we already know the search for vaccine constantly and disputes between countries. What worth understanding is the mental disorder that affects people of all age groups and regardless of sex, religion or social class. That is why, as a society, we must seek to know better about what form the service takes and its implications for the well-being of all, as ensured by the Federal Constitution in its health section. The pandemic has been devastating, the survival instinct is certainly the set behaviors of different reactions of the human species: in the reaction of “despair and search for the truth”, with the passing of days many fakes news and lies have been published, transferring to society a negative way in all aspects, making the the search is increasingly for paranoia developed during this time. So, already advance: minimize the pandemic and disqualify it using terms like “paranoia” or “hysteria, collective action” does not contribute to the proper management of an unusual scenario. In general it is not madness to seek self-preservation.

Post-truth heralds and anti-scientists are silent in the face of evidence. Be a health professional and try to stay calm, despair often takes over our subconscious, bringing forward all fear of facing the reality that awaits us. The negative thoughts are more and more certain, it is up to each one of us to try to stay calm? As? Have you ever stopped to think about people who have gone through moments of depression frequent in life? What we seek to understand the position of these people, in a more cohesive way of all. Is what the media broadcasts good? How do you know if it’s right or wrong? Go through a suffering as great as a loss, leads us to depression for loss or fear of facing the life in such a way as not to know how to follow the correct path.

The dramatic increase by psychologists, both for health professionals and also for for people who are going through the pandemic, seeing it as an alarm for the population, that seeks a feeling for all this, fear, loss and despair, leads us to search for truth and acceptance will all this go through? As a health professional, we seek the truth, which makes us enter a challenge enormous, so as not to pass despair, for patients or family members. The last pandemic Spanish flu (1918-1920), already made a huge mark in the world, at the time there were three waves of flu, will we go through this again? Academic Andrew Price-Smith argued that the virus helped to reduce the balance of power in the last days of the war in favor of the allied countries, we need to kill millions of people to reorganize world peace? We need to lose our sanity to get in peace with our subconscious? Or we should just try to get together to stop all of this and take the past as a learning experience, so that we don’t make the mistake of leaving everything in vain, we are at war with weapons, but with health and life.

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