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Alzheimer is Caused by Alkaline Body Fluids

Manuel Mateos De Vicente*

Formerly Research Associate, Spain

*Corresponding author: Manuel Mateos De Vicente, Formerly Research Associate, Spain

Submission: December 18, 2019; Published: January 09, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/COJRR.2020.02.000538

ISSN 2639-0590
Volum2 Issue3


It is very painful to see how the victims of this terrible illness deteriorate. My stepmother had Alzheimer. Since then I have been obsessed by the impotence, we have in finding a cure to this tragedy. I have also analyzed other persons with Alzheimer because I wanted to know more about it. As a Life Member of scientific associations, I have received scientific journals for over 60 years. This is my primary source for the latest articles on medicine. Besides engineering I have studied chemistry, biophysical chemistry and the atomic structure of particles. This research has been presented in 39 papers in English at the US National Academy of Sciences, Iowa and Alaska Academies of Science as well as at international congresses [1-5]. I applied my background to analyze my stepmother’s Alzheimer. One of the tests I performed was to find the pH of the different body fluids: blood, saliva and urine. With the exception of her blood, the pH was alkaline. Over the years I had analyzed the pH of many Alzheimer patients and have discovered that the pH of body fluids was always alkaline. Once we know the origin, we then can have the means to stop or even cure it.

To know more about alkalinity and Alzheimer I found that there is research supporting my findings. For example, at South Florida University in Tampa, USA, they found that drinking coffee makes Alzheimer’s victims get better. Applying my knowledge of chemistry, as I analyzed 47 chemicals for my master’s thesis and grouped them by their alkalinity and acidity, the pH of coffee was acidic. At the University of Leeds, England, where I was Professor External Examiner, they have discovered that tea, and wine, which are acid, improved Alzheimer’s patient conditions. Based on the fact that Alzheimer’s patients I analyzed have, with the exceptions of their blood, alkaline body fluids and tea, coffee and wine (which are acid) make them improve, the solution is to “de-alkalize” them. This, however, should be left in the hands of medical doctors because it is beyond my scope of practice to prescribe treatments. Something that I also have found in analyzing the body fluids of many sick people is that Alzheimer and cancer cannot occur at the same time in the same person [6].


In summary, an acidic environment in our brain cells will destroy the amyloid proteins covering the axons, which cause Alzheimer’s disease. I have spent many years researching this subject, on my own. This research can help and serve humanity to eliminate one of its scourges. Former President Obama and Hillary Clinton had pledged two billion dollars to eradicate Alzheimer by 2025. I have discovered it 10 years before such date. I have spent a large amount of my savings and continue doing research, at the age of 90 [4,5].


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