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Evolution of Energy Management: A Review

Submission: November 08, 2021; Published: February 01, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/COJRR.2021.03.000571

ISSN: 2639-0590
Volume3 Issue5


Energy management and conservation of energy has gained a lot of importance since last few decades in view of sustainable development. Methodology of implementation of energy management is not unique. The practice of energy management can be done in several ways. The choice of a particular option is application specific. Energy management has been going through a lot of evolution since its origin. Basically, energy management can be implemented at different levels. Energy management in today’s application may involve information technology, control technique, communication techniques associated with power system. Such methodologies increase system flexibility by enabling the users to participate actively and independently in energy modeling. This paper tries to review the development of various energy management techniques on small scale as well as large scale basis. Evolution of energy management in different sectors, major constituents of different energy management techniques are discussed in this paper. This paper also analyses a comparative study regarding different techniques. At last, a new approach of Electric Vehicle is discussed in view of energy management as well as sustainable development.

Keywords: Demand response; Electric vehicle; EMS; Energy audit; ICT, Smart grid

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