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COJ Nursing & Healthcare

Assertiveness in Nursing

Bushra Mushtaq*

SKIMS Nursing College, India

*Corresponding author: Bushra Mushtaq, SKIMS Nursing College, Srinagar, India, Tel: 7006908561; Email:

Submission: May 21, 2018;Published: June 08, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/COJNH.2018.03.000561

ISSN: 2577-2007
Volume3 Issue3


Assertiveness is essential to nursing profession in many ways. Nursing profession is the respectful profession which demands and shows respect for others. Assertive ways of communicating and putting ones own concerns, ideas in front of others which help to the clients care as well as for nursing profession itself. Assertive nurse defends client in every aspects. It enhances honesty and dedication in nursing profession. Assertiveness is a broad term associated with the individual from hierarchical development of life. It adds to the quality of life by adding meaning and support to ones behaviour. It adds to the quality by adding meaning and support to ones behaviour .It is not only being confident about ones words but also about ones actions, doing and behaviour exhibited in every situation of life.

It is learned behaviour behaviour or mode of communicating feelings, ideas in a confident way without being aggressive on others. It depicts the confident behaviour in an individual within under estimating the others. Being assertive is beneficial to everyone. It can be defined simply, to convey one’s own point of view which affirms the right of the individual without violating the rights of the other person.

Assertiveness and Nursing are very closely related to each other. Nursing practise cannot be declared good if a nurse is not assertive. The assertiveness can be visualized in nursing care given by the nurse. Nurse has to be assertive enough in order to preserve rights of nurse as well as for clients who is seeking the nursing care.

Assertiveness by a nurse shows a behaviour that is based on certain principles like; equality, respect, responsibility, accountability. Being assertive, nurse is not being selfish rather it promotes the rights of the client, fairness and equality in job description and most important efficiency and effectiveness of nursing practice is being attained.

Nursing is a collaborative effort and teamwork with other nurses and that can be achieved ironically by assertiveness. Nurse play different roles in health care setting:

A. Individual to group member

B. Advocate to lawyer

C. Collaborator to team builder.

D. Leader to manager.

To perform all these roles effectively nurse has to be assertive.

The main aim of nursing care is to develop the effective nurseclient relationship, in order to achieve the client’s progress and nurse-client relationship, assertiveness is necessary. Assertive nurse is always confident, listens to others, always is clear to other, not confused with any issue and more over nurse is always assertive while hand-overing charge or duties to other health professionals.

Assertiveness in nursing is the important footstep in the ladder of professional progress. Assertiveness is a healthy behaviour and valuable component in nursing profession which are beneficial to nurse, client, other workers and community in large. Being assertive will also increase the visibility in nursing.


From the very beginning the assertiveness training should be imparted to nurse students . A full assertive training programme should be included in the activity during nursing coarse. Being assertive from student period will increase truthfulness , confidence which are important during working as staff.

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