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Expanding Roles of Nursing in SDGs

  • Open or CloseYannFen Chao*

    College of Nursing Hungkuang University, Taiwan

    *Corresponding author:YannFen Chao, College of Nursing Hungkuang University, Taichung City, Taiwan

Submission: June 20, 2019; Published: June 26, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/COJNH.2019.05.000608

ISSN: 2577-2007
Volume5 Issue2


In response to the UN Earth Summit of 1992, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan established the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) in August 1997. It will do this while working in coordination with other countries in the pursuit of the UN global sustainable development. Nurses as one of the key health professionals in Taiwan have joined the mission to implement the SDGs to reach the 2030 target. Of the 17 SDGs, SDG3 is directly related to our professional responsibility. There are several achievements we have accomplished in Taiwan and the works will be continued for a better tomorrow. This paper presented the participation of nurses in Taiwan SDGs in the past and the future. The professional growth of Taiwan through innovation in the education of knowledge, skills and curriculum designing are of key importance in reaching the target of the SDGs. Among these factors, knowledge and competencies, knowledge about new health problems and digital technology along with interprofessional education and interprofessional collaborative practice are essential in the multidisciplinary approach of achieving the SDGs.

Keywords: Nursing; SDGs; Strategies

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