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Augmented Reality Waveguide Design based on Superstructure Grating

Submission: August 03, 2022; Published: November 22, 2022


In recent years, Augmented Reality (AR) technology has gained much attention due to its disruptive and revolutionary nature. Thanks to the advanced nano--imprint lithographic technique, diffractive waveguide based display becomes research hotspot. There are three main types of diffractive waveguide including one dimension grating, two-dimension grating, and volume holography. The diffractive waveguide uses one dimension grating or two-dimension grating to expand pupil. Because of the limitation of grating structure, the design is limited by freedom. In this paper, we proposed a new superstructure grating in the diffractive waveguide. We analyze the diffractive orders of out-coupling grating in K domain. In waveguide, uniformity of field of view and Moving Eyebox (MEB) increase. The waveguide design was verified using virtual lab fusion and fabrication. The result is as expected. This diffractive is matched with Laser Beam Scanning engine (LBS), whose volume is smaller. This scheme can be used in the consumption augmented reality.

Keywords: Augmented reality; Diffractive waveguide; Superstructure grating; Laser Beam Scanning

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