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Metamaterial with Absorbance in Terahertz Frequency Range

Submission: June 15, 2022; Published: November 02, 2022


With the technological advancement we are exhausting different frequency bands in such a time metamaterial absorber which works in terahertz frequency band opens up the new avenue to look in. We can use this for the development of 6G technology and a lot of other applications. In contrast to the current situation where megahertz bandwidth is sufficient to drive audio and video components for user applications, future 2030s networks will require bandwidth at several gigahertz (GHz) (from tens of gigahertz to 1 terahertz [THz]) to function properly. Based on the current radiofrequency distribution chart, it is not possible to detect such a wide radio spectrum below 90GHz (0.09THz). Interestingly, these interlocking radio spectrum blocks are readily available at higher electrical spectrum, especially in the Terahertz (THz) frequency band [1-5].

Keywords: Metamaterial; Absorption; Substrate; Periodicity

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