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Effective Advertising Development of Mobile Operators in Bulgaria

  • Open or CloseLyubomira Spasova*

    Faculty of Economics, Trakia University, Bulgaria

    *Corresponding author:Lyubomira Venkova Spasova, Department of Social Sciences and Business Language Training, Faculty of Economics, Trakia University, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Submission: August 22, 2019; Published: June 01, 2021


The report reveals advertising communication of mobile phone operators in Bulgaria by indicating its effectiveness through some advertising functions. The process of presentation of different products and services from mobile companies is very difficult. The impact of global mobile companies on every business agent is driver in searching for alternatives to allocate resources, which allow the adoption of mobile products and services.
The article examines and compares the results of survey with same respondents regarding advertising perception and effective influence and base functions.
In order to accomplish this, aim we have set the following tasks:
A. To research different advertisements of mobile companies in Bulgaria.
B. To design a theoretical model of the advertisement’ functions, applied in communication.
C. To propose directions for designing some innovative advertisements.
D. To carry out T-tests for independent samples of demographic characteristics and emerging statistically significant factors.
E. To perform correlational analyses of statistically significant factors.
F. The following methods were used to accomplish the tasks: conducting two subsequent surveys with the same respondents regarding advertising perception and influence.

Keywords: Communication; Innovative advertisements; Effective influence

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