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Investigation on Vegetable Growth Using Aero Farm Technique for Indoor Farming

Submission: April 23, 2020; Published: March 25, 2021


Indoor planting or better known as indoor farming has become more widely used method as it is able to provide higher yields throughout the year. Currently most of the developed country facing the shortage of land for agriculture production. In this technique, one of the most important things is the use of artificial light sources to replace the sun at indoor environment. Besides the artificial lights, medium of the soil is replace by a plain towel as a trial run for the growth rate of a vegetable. In this study, LED grow light with three different LED color lights, 5W and a piece of plain white towel were used as a replacement of soil medium. Monitoring process by watering and adding some fertilizers via water to the plant were done. The height or growth of the plant was taken for 4 weeks period and recorded. At the end of the study, it was found there is growth of vegetable, mustard and spinach in the towel. The mustard growth by an average for four weeks around 1.5cm and total spinach growth is around 4.5cm for four-week period. From the studies it shows different LED color lights create an impact on the height growth of a vegetable. This study is useful for researchers that focus on indoor farming using the right artificial light as a source of sunlight and plain cloth as a source of soil in future.

Keywords: In door farming; Aero farm; Led lamp; Grow light; Growth height

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