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Hetero Core Arrangement of Optical Fibers as an Effective Tool for Different Sensing Applications

  • Open or Close Biswas R*

    Department of Physics, India

    *Corresponding author: Biswas R, Department of Physics, India

Submission: July 05, 2019; Published: July 11, 2019


In this concise communication, the effectiveness of hetero-core arrangement is outlined. The criteria of hetero core arrangement are briefly highlighted, supplemented by brief appraisal of interrogation schemes. Apart from this, the sensing implementations are also appraised. Of late, there is a growing surge in the sensing as well as communication industry. With the advent of electronics as well as photonics, the sensing implementations have come a long way. Through integrated photonics, newer developments have been emerging every day, thereby outsmarting their counterparts in their own field. During the last two decades, the communications as well as sensing field have been widely using hetero-core arrangements. Owing to their considerable tunability a well as ease fabrication procedures, they are preferred to the conventional adoptions. Hetero core in general refers to dissimilar step index/graded index fiber cores or photonic crystal fibers aligned together for a specific purpose. For instance, we can cite about single mode multimode single mode fiber arrangement [1-4].

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