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Investigation on Vegetable Growth Using Artificial Sunlight for Indoor Farming

Submission: October 01,2018;Published: November 14, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/COJEC.2018.01.000516

ISSN 2640-9739
Volume1 Issue4


Indoor planting or better known as indoor farming has become more widely used method as it is able to provide higher yields throughout the year. Currently most of the developed country the shortage of land for agriculture and the time is a major factor effecting agriculture sector, it is a global trend. In this technique, one of the most important things is the use of artificial light sources to replace the sun at indoor environment. Although there is still no such light that capable of replacing the sun completely, but sometimes the artificial light provides better results. The use of artificial light in plant cultivation was first began in 1868 by a Russian botanist Andrei Famintsyn. The use of artificial light changes according to current technology from time to time. The results of previous studies showed similar outcome that were relied on the capabilities of existing equipment at that time. In this study, three different LED color lights, 18W and a fluorescent lamp, 36W were used. The height or growth of the salad plant was taken for 6 weeks period. At the end of the study, the height of the salad plant in the red LED lamp is as high as 10.9cm, followed by the Blue, White and Yellow Lights, 7.41cm, 7.6cm and 5.23cm. From the studies it shows different color lights create an impact on the height growth of a plant or vegetable. This study is useful for researchers that focus on indoor farming using artificial light as a source of sunlight.

Keywords: In door farming; LED lamp; Fluorescent lamp; Height

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