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Mind Body Practices for Psoriasis

Submission: October 12, 2018; Published: November 13, 2018

Volume1 Issue1
November 2018


Psoriasis is a complex skin disease that may affect any part of the body, like the knees, elbows, and scalp. Also, can occur in the nails, joints [1,2] and mouth [3,4]. Both genders over a wide age range can be affected. Worldwide prevalence, white people are more commonly seen to be at risk than any other ethnicity, about 2% of the U.K. population are affected [5,6]. Psoriasis itself is not infectious [7], but some lesions may incur secondary infection, which may complicate treatment [8]. It is frequent in families, but may skip a generation, and many genes have been linked to it [9,10]. Many factors can to trigger the condition, including skin injury, a sore throat, chest infection, dental infections, sunburn, certain drug treatments, increased intake of alcohol [11], weather changes, and distress. Often it produces physical discomfort, such as itching, pain, and skin blemishes [12]. However, others find it no more than a slight irritation. Distress seems to be one an important factor [6,13-17]. Emotional trauma can trigger the disease [6,18,19].

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