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Cohesive Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Disease

Do I Need to be Vaccinated against the Common Cold?

Rybin VA*

Doctor of Philosophy, Russia

*Corresponding author: Rybin VA, Doctor of Philosophy, Russia

Submission: April 19, 2021 Published: May 25, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/CJMI.2021.05.000608

ISSN 2594-0190
Volume5 issues2

Opinion on State of Affairs

In Russia, as well as around the world, mass vaccination against COVID-19 begins. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this in January 2021. The same thing is happening in other countries. A huge event is planned, but I have a question: do I need to do this at all? There are already reports of adverse effects. Back in December 2020, the world media reported that six volunteers who had tested one of the variants of the coronavirus vaccine had died. In January 2021, 26 people died in similar tests in Norway. Such effects are alarming. But there are more general doubts. I will try to present them consistently. “I don’t believe it!” My name is Vladimir Rybin. I am a Doctor of Philosophy, a professor at the University of Chelyabinsk. But at one time I graduated from a medical university and worked in practical medicine for almost 20 years as an anesthesiologist-resuscitator. An anesthesiologist is not a microbiologist or an infectious disease specialist, but he performs anesthesia in a wide variety of patients and for this reason he has knowledge in a wide variety of areas of medicine. So it makes sense to take my arguments into account. I will try to explain their essence very simply.

Just the Facts

Let’s start with the counterarguments of the medical order. Today, all measures to counteract COVID-19 infection are built according to the rules that apply to particularly dangerous infections. Only in relation to these diseases, the following means are used: separation of the population, minimization of contacts, the use of personal protective equipment, thorough disinfection, quarantine and in general a special mode of life. Particularly dangerous infections include plague, cholera, smallpox, anthrax and a number of other infectious diseases. The course of these diseases is extremely severe, and the mortality from them remains total and massive. In short, particularly dangerous infections indiscriminately destroy all those infected-young and old, rich and poor, weakened and perfectly healthy. In addition, they do it in a very short time. The causative agent of COVID-19 is clearly not from this series. First, the mortality rate from it in Russia is not so high that it is considered a particularly dangerous infection: the number of deaths from it is ten times less than those from lung and cardiovascular diseases in the same period. Secondly (this is typical not only for Russia, but also for the United States and Western Europe), in the vast majority of cases, either elderly people die from coronavirus (about 80% of those who die are over 65 years old), or younger people who have serious concomitant diseases. Third, COVID-19 is one of the so-called obligate and opportunistic pathogens. These are agents that can only exist in a living organism, but do not cause disease in all cases, but only under certain conditions.

COVID-19-What is it?

COVID-19 is a member of the coronavirus family, which includes several dozen species. They began to be isolated only after one of them was detected in a patient with acute rhinitis in 1965. Rhinitis is a common runny nose. So the COVID-19 vaccine is actually a vaccine for the common cold. Modern biologists and doctors put forward a version that COVID-19 has become particularly aggressive and has become the causative agent of a new particularly dangerous infection. However, this is doubtful. We have already said that the severity and consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic are not as aggressive as the plague and cholera. And most importantly, this epidemic is specifically selective, affecting only the most weakened groups of the population. Therefore, this is clearly not a pandemic that covers all population groups indiscriminately. It’s definitely something else. This is more like epizootic in animals, which is just caused by obligate pathogens. And if so, is it necessary to carry out the planned vaccination at such an increased pace, with feverish haste and on the widest possible scale? After all, in fact, this is a vaccination against the common cold! It seems to me that the reason for the spread of coronavirus infection is not a sharp increase in the aggressiveness of COVID-19, but rather a sharp deterioration in the condition of the elderly and chronically ill human population. And this indicates a serious deterioration in the initial life status of the entire human population.

Vaccination can lead to dangerous consequences

From this point of view, the planned mass vaccination of the population is an extremely risky event. Any vaccination is the stimulation of immunity by introducing a certain dose of the pathogen into the body in order to activate the production of antibodies to it in the body. If, according to experts, a significant part of the population carries the disease in a latent form and for this reason has antibodies against it, then with mass vaccination, a second enhanced immune response may occur. This is called allergic autoaggression. There is evidence that the high mortality rate from coronavirus in Northern Italy in the spring and summer of 2020 arose from the fact that in November 2019, free influenza immunization was carried out in this region for people over 65. Doubts remain even if we assume that the beginning of mass global vaccination will be successful, that is, will lead to the formation of resistance against COVID-19. After all, then other opportunistic viruses from the group of coronaviruses can become aggressive. The number of these viruses is more than 200. And then what? Then you will have to re-vaccinate against the next infection? And so on and on? One more question. So far, no one has given a clear explanation as to what kind of vaccines all these are – live, killed, chemical or created by genetic engineering? If COVID-19 vaccines are a genetically modified product, then we are talking about interfering with the heredity of the entire human race! And if this is the case, then any rush to conduct an inoculation campaign is unacceptable! In medicine, there are sad examples of this kind.

Robert Koch and the wonderful cure for consumption

Let’s remember the story with tuberculin. In 1890, the famous German microbiologist Robert Koch, who discovered the causative agents of cholera, tuberculosis and sleeping sickness, made a proposal to treat consumption (the so-called tuberculosis, which until the middle of the 20th century was the true punishment of humanity at that time) by introducing a weakened culture of tuberculosis bacteria-tuberculin. In fact, it was about immunization, although the mechanism of immunity was discovered later. Koch sought to consolidate his priority and for this reason did not carry out a full test of the new drug. But his authority was so great that doctors all over the world through all caution and began to actively use tuberculin for treatment. This enterprise ended very sadly. In practice, it soon became clear that tuberculin not only does not cure consumption but destroys the body and causes death. Many patients died, and tuberculin as a treatment failed completely. Today, tuberculin is used only for diagnostics. Tuberculosis is still a mysterious and dangerous disease; this incident became a dark spot in the biography of Koch. The ancient philosopher Socrates said, “Question everything!” In general, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, there are many inconsistencies in the logic of the upcoming vaccination. I assume that the cause of the coronavirus epidemic should be sought not in the microcosm, but in the macrocosm. The explanation is as follows.

The COVID-19 epidemic is caused primarily by the widespread deterioration of the environmental situation and the rapid poisoning of the natural environment. This condition has had the most devastating effect on the human population and has led to a paradoxical combination of two factors: this is an increase in the average life expectancy of the population in the most prosperous regions + the spread of diseases of civilization (cardiovascular and oncological diseases), as well as the emergence of new mass pathologies such as type 2 diabetes and various allergies. This has led to a massive weakening of the population on a global scale, starting with the elderly and chronically ill people. They die from COVID-19. By the way, this is the reason for the alleged victory over the coronavirus in China. There is a small number of elderly people there. This part of the population died out in the first wave of the epidemic. At the same time, young and middle-aged people are still not very susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. This creates the appearance of false success. The Russian proverb: “Do not drink from the hoof - you will become a little goat!” In general, an amazing picture emerges. But this picture is only a generalization of real facts from the point of view of a doctor and a philosopher. From this point of view, I argue that the planned option of vaccination in the form of stimulating the immune system of people in order to create specific antibodies in their body is unacceptable. If you do not conduct a thorough check and calculation of the consequences, then this event can become a threat to the continued existence of the entire human population. Personally, I do not intend to put myself a vaccine for the common cold. And I do not advise others. Including the presidents of all countries. The current epidemic will end, as will all current flu-like epidemics. We need to think about the deeper causes of the diseases of modern humanity and look for alternatives.

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