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Cohesive Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Disease

The Pandemic Outbreak and Mortality Associated with Coronavirus Disease-19 in US and European Countries

Submission: July 29, 2020; Published: January 29, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/CJMI.2021.04.000596

ISSN: 2578-0190
Volume4 Issue5


The current pandemic outbreak of SARS-CoV2 has caused a worldwide panic. This dead virus attacked the people of Wuhan China for the first time and then quickly spread all over the world. Now the US and Europe have become the main targeting centers of this virus with thousands of deaths with pneumonia. This review article is aimed to highlight the current pandemic outbreak in the US and European countries, particularly those countries where the situation becomes out of control. For this purpose, the review article summarized the data extracted from various national and international level articles and relevant reports. For data collection, 58 articles/reports were studied. An overview of published articles and relevant reports stated that the trend of confirmed cases reported as USA (3,833,271) followed by Brazil (2,075,246), Russia (765,437), Spain (305,935), UK (294,687), Italy (243,230), Turkey (217,799), Germany (201,931), France (174,674), Switzerland (33,148) and South Korea (13,672). Similarly, the USA is leading to the death rate of 142,877, which is a world record. The speed of the virus is in progress and is spreading to other countries of the world. There is no antiviral vaccine or treatment invented against SARS-CoV2 to control it. To shrink the risk of this viral attack, there is a dire need to develop an effective antiviral vaccine.

Keywords: Europe; SARS-CoV2; Outbreak; Pandemic; Death rate; Confirmed cases

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