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Cohesive Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Disease

Incidence of Elevated Aminotransferases Levels among Patients Presenting with Hepatitis Syndrome in the Northwest Region of Cameroon

Submission: July 07, 2017; Published: January 25, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/CJMI.2018.01.000504

ISSN: 2578-0190
Volume1 Issue1


Hepatitis B (HB) and Hepatitis C (HC) are a leading cause of liver enzyme elevations in patients. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of LEE among patients with hepatitis syndrome. This study enrolled 192 participants presenting with signs and symptoms of hepatitis in the Northwest Region of Cameroon from August 2015 to May 2016. Venous blood samples were collected for the diagnosis of HBV and HCV. Enzymatic measurement of ALT and AST was done using a biochemical analyzer. ALT and AST were categorised using standardized toxicity grade on upper limit of normal. The age ranged of the patients was 2-98years with a mean age of 41.42(±18.04). Of the 192 patients 97(50.5%), HBV and HCV prevalences were 100(52.1%) and 0(0.0%) respectively.

The prevalences of HBV were insignificantly (p=>0.05) higher in female 54(56.8%) and in the age range<30years 31(58.5%). ALT and AST activities showed significant (p <0.05) higher values 76.9±10.6 and 106.7±14.4, respectively in HBV positive than in HBV negative individuals. The prevalence of elevated ALT and AST enzymes were 68(35.4%) and 85(44.3%) respectively. Age and gender-wise prevalances showed high prevalence in >50years and in male. Elevated and significant transaminase activities were found in HBV positive compared to negative subjects. Alcoholic liver disease was common in HBV negative patients while chronic liver disease was higher among HBV positive patients (P =0.012). Elevated ALT and AST levels are common in both HBV positive and HBV negative subjects indicating multifactorial causes. As such effective management of hepatotoxicity requires accurate diagnosis.

Keywords: ALT; AST; HCV; HBV; Hepatotoxicity

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