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Biodiversity Online J

Evaporation and Climate

Halidullin O*

Ecology Professor, Kazakh National University, Russia

*Corresponding author:Halidullin O, Ecology Professor, Academician of the Russian Federation LAN, Kazakh National University, Russia

Submission: July 24, 2018; Published: October 11, 2018

Volume1 Issue1
October 2018


The Paris agreements are leading the planet to disaster. Not СО2 and artificial evaporation ruins the climate. As a result of human activity, the natural functions of a significant part of the water on land are completely destroyed. Instead of keeping a biota and passing a full cycle of transformations in the processes of supplying moisture, mineral and organic substances, the water comes with precipitation and returns to the atmosphere by artificial evaporation from arable lands, asphalt, reservoirs, dumps. This reduction or short-circuited cycle of the water cycle is the root of the climate change. In total, people took from nature 63% of the inhabited earth according to 2015, with acceleration, continues to destroy the remaining territories. Each hectare of fertile natural land contains 20 tons of underground living creatures. They are microbes, worms, and so forth living creatures that, in symbiosis with plants and terrestrial populations, absorb moisture, transform in food chains and exhale a special moisture structure, especially individual pairs, which we call natural or organic vapors. Human intervention in the circulation of water reduces the pathways of food chains, and water from asphalt and other destroyed areas evaporates immediately after precipitation. We call this evaporation artificial. More artificial fumes are produced by industry and utilities around the world. The total artificial evaporation creates unprecedented volumes of water in the atmosphere, which destroy the mechanism of atmospheric phenomena, which has been improved for millions of years. The cyclist, massiveness and zones of precipitation have changed. The regularly propagated melting of glaciers due to warming may have their bases. However, there is a suggestion that heavily loaded clouds on land do not reach the polar and mountain glaciers and do not replenish their volumes, spilling on other areas.

The fight against the emission of carbon-dioxide, the development of “green” technologies is useful, but microscopic movements. It is necessary to pay attention to evaporation. To study the quality of fumes, to find the difference between organic and artificial fumes. Calculate the true volumes of these fumes, measure the geography of precipitation, taking into account their volumes. And on the basis of this, create a new concept of climate conservation. Returning to nature organic vapors and reducing artificial ones can save the world.

Among the measures to reduce artificial fumes should be the total water saving in everyday life by every person, every enterprise of all branches of agriculture and industry. This will require the reconstruction of all agriculture with the introduction of shallow plowing, drip irrigation, reclamation works, and other ways to reduce water consumption. In industry and municipal processes, it is urgent to master the repeated use of water and reduce its consumption.

One of the most capacious in artificial evaporation is manmade reservoirs. Now everywhere is the construction of new hydroelectric power stations with the flooding of new vast territories, as an alternative to fuel power plants. The nature of this is not better, but worse - we increase the area of artificial fumes. It is necessary to completely stop the projects and construction of these reservoirs, the gradual elimination of existing ones. There are such technical solutions protected by patents.

Many rivers on the planet, left without care, flooded with floods and flooded the vast coastal areas. These are very large evaporation. Hydraulic engineering works are needed to deepen the bottom of rivers, in order to prevent floods. Also in patent funds, ideas on effective ways of deepening are laid. An important element of the return of water to its natural functions is the greening of the roofs and walls of all buildings. And all the new enterprises of industry, utilities, the entire infrastructure of cities and settlements and even housing build underground and under water.

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