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Approaches in Poultry, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences

The First Confirmed Case of Dental-Skeletal- Retinal-Anomaly (DSRA) in the Cane Corso Italiano Dog Breed in the Czech Republic

Submission: January 13, 2022;Published: January 24, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/APDV.2022.08.000699

ISSN : 2576-9162
Volume8 Issue5


For the first time we detected the occurrence of Dental-Skeletal-Retinal-Anomaly (DSRA) in the Cane Corso Italiano dogs in the Czech Republic. Blood samples or buccal swabs were tested in the Laboklin laboratory. Confirmation of the presence of DSRA is important and alarming for all Cane Corso Italiano dog breeders. Responsible breeders should test each dog intended for breeding and eliminate all carriers from the breeding.

Keywords: Cane Corso Italiano dog, DSRA, Dental-Skeletal-Retinal Anomaly, Genetic diseases

Abbreviations:AKC: American Kennel Club; DSRA: Dental-Skeletal-Retinal-Anomaly; FCI: Federation Cynologique Internationale; ENCI: Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana

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