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Major Cause of Organ Condemnations and their Economic Loss at Different Municipal Abattoirs and Export Abattoirs in Ethiopia

  • Open or CloseAddis Fikrie* and Elfinesh Bekele

    Beef Cattle, Camel and Small Animals Meat Product Research and Processing Industry Development Directorate, Ethiopia

    *Corresponding author: Addis Fikrie, Elfinesh Bekele, Major Cause of Organ Condemnations and their Economic Loss at Different Municipal Abattoirs and Export Abattoirs in Ethiopia

Submission: June 30, 2021;Published: August 26, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/APDV.2021.08.000690

ISSN : 2576-9162
Volume8 Issue3


This study was conducted to determine the major cause’s organ Condemnations and their economic loss in municipal and export abattoirs in Ethiopia. Across sectional and a retrospective abattoir survey was conducted at municipal and export abattoirs respectively. The highest liver, heart, and tongue condemnation was at Legatafo and Sandafa, Welkite and Holeta respectively. Lung condemnations were highest at Addis Ababa Abattoirs enterprise, Adama, Modjo, and Bishoftu whereas the highest kidney was at Jimma, Adama, Modjo, and Bishoftu municipal abattoirs. Accordingly, out of 35,044 cattle slaughtered at 25 municipal abattoirs, 61.16% liver, 52.87% lung, 29.31% kidney, 8.57% heart, 15.36% tongue, and 99.4% spleen were condemned due to gross abnormalities. Similarly, from a total of 1,293,576 sheep and goat slaughtered at two export abattoirs 0.05% head, 0.02% heart, 0.08% kidney, 20.53% liver, and 3.59% lung was condemned due to different diseases.

The major cause of liver, kidney, heart, lung, tongue, and spleen condemnations at municipal abattoirs were calcification (29.41%), decrease in size (27%), pericarditis (29.41%), pneumonia (33.33%), Cysticercus bovis (44.44%) and spleen legali (38.80%), respectively. Likewise, at two export abattoirs, the main cause of Head, kidney, heart, liver, lung, tongue, and spleen condemnations was 70.9 % pericarditis, 44.62 % kidney, 39.80 % pericarditis, 28.20 % liver fluke, 51% pneumonia, 92.86% and 100% Cysticercus bovis in the same order. The total economic loss due to organ combinations was 25,633,595 for municipal abattoirs and 585,547 ETB for export abattoirs in the study area. Strict or proper organ inspection, a proper way of disposing or incineration, introducing rendering plant, Regular deforming of cattle and shoat with anti-helminths, grazing management, Strong linkage between offal processing company and municipal abattoirs should be practice in order to reduce organ condemnations and their economic loss at different municipal and export abattoirs.

Keywords:Organ; Condemnations; Municipal; Export; Abattoirs; Economic loss

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