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Approaches in Poultry, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences

Inheritance of Allergic Diseases

  • Open or Close Bow Vet Maciej Kucharski*

    Department of International Medicine, Poland

    *Corresponding author: Bow Vet Maciej Kucharski, Department of International Medicine, Smocza street 24/14, 01-034 Warsaw, Poland

Submission: February 21, 2018;Published: May 09, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/APDV.2018.03.000569

ISSN: 2576-9162
Volume3 Issue4


This paper describes some of the mechanisms of gene regulation and their impact on the development of a topic dermatitis. Characterized main factors affecting the appearance of the disease in susceptible individuals. Described the role of stress in the immune system disorder. It shows the relationship between mitochondrial genome and the risk of development of allergic inflammation.

Keywords: Atopy; Astma; Inheritance; Mitochondrium; Alergic diseases

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