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Associative Journal of Health Sciences

Tidal Model, Mindfulness, and Music Therapy to Minimize Exacerbations of Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Open or CloseErika Carrasquillo, PhD, DNP, MSN . FNP*

    Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico-Humacao, Puerto Rico

    *Corresponding author:Erika Carrasquillo, Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Urb Rio Grande States calle princesa Carolina 11519, Rio Grande Puerto rico 00745, Humacao, Puerto Rico

Submission: March 04, 2024;Published: March 14, 2024

DOI: 10.31031/AJHS.2024.03.000555

ISSN : 2640-9275
Volume3 Issue1


Borderline Personality Disorder patients are described as being impulsive, unpredictable, explosive, and difficult to keep in pharmacological or therapeutic treatments. There is scarce research examining the prevalence and treatment of BPD in Puerto Rican women residing in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Therefore, knowledge of factors exacerbating BPD traits in Puerto Rican women and innovative treatments for their recovery is crucial for mental health professionals.
This quantitative quasi-experimental research was primarily aimed to synthesize pertinent current knowledge related to Barker’s Tidal Model recovery approach and its effects in reducing exacerbation traits of BPD in women. Likewise, it intended to determine the level of knowledge of mental health nurses regarding the Tidal Model, Music Therapy, and Mindfulness to minimize exacerbations of BPD in clinical scenarios. The integration of the Tidal Model, Mindfulness, and Music Therapy were presented as an innovative preferred treatment for BPD Puerto Rican women patients and are the core components of the recovery treatment for BPD in Puerto Rican women discussed in this study.
The research is based on literature which asserts that the Tidal Model, mindfulness, and Music Therapy may be effective in the recovery of BPD individuals [1-7], Faress et al (2019), Saglini (2019). By means of the Tidal Model implementation, mental health patients have an opportunity to express their lived human experiences and mental problems as stories and metaphors that allow them to handle their mental dysfunctions creatively. Likewise, Meditation and Music Therapy have been found to be helpful in improving dysfunctional behaviors, cognition, and working memory. After the administration of a pretest and a posttest to mental health nurses, they expressed a lack of knowledge in relation to The Tidal Model, Mindfulness, and Music Therapy in the treatment of BPD patients. However, after discussing the educational material The Tidal Model, Mindfulness, and Music Therapy in the treatment of BPD in womentraining module for nurses, they stated feeling more knowledgeable and motivated.

Keywords:Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD); Commonwealth of puerto rico; Tidal model; Music therapy; Mindfulness; Exacerbation of BPD traits

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