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Associative Journal of Health Sciences

Strategic Diagnosis and Treatment in General Medicine

  • Open or CloseJose Luis Turabian*

    Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Health Center Santa Maria de Benquerencia, Regional Health Service of Castilla la Mancha (SESCAM), Toledo, Spain

    *Corresponding author: Jose Luis Turabian, Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Health Center Santa Maria de Benquerencia Toledo, Spain

Submission: February 13, 2023;Published: March 15, 2023


At present, medicine seeks to achieve decisions based on evidence (Evidence-Based Medicine) and in precision medicine. But, in general medicine, the diagnosis is not the act of redirecting the individual case to a “type”, among those included in a classification system, nor is this sufficient for personalized treatment. The answer about multiple complex health problems in an individual cannot be answered by adding separate questions; neither are biomarkers available for use in ordinary clinical practice. How can we deal with this situation? with strategic contextualization? It is about finding a global response, a global characterization of the individual case beyond diagnosis. The process of making diagnoses and treatments in general medicine begins to look at the main forces or actors. It’s like the motive in a detective story. It is about finding the significant event that never ceases to occur. It is about finding the element that moves the system. The question is to detect it and take advantage of it. Strategic diagnosis and treatment is directed towards the context. Environment constitutes the criteria for making decisions.

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