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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Science Popularization Methodology

Submission: May 17, 202; Published: June 01, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/AES.2022.03.000551

Volume3 Issue1


These days mankind has been making great efforts to eradicate the corona virus. The trend is positive in this effort to cope in a situation where scientists develop vaccines and other means to combat the virus, but the virus, on the other hand, develops variant mutations. Currently, the COVID-19 plague has been considerably reduced in most countries through vaccines and other means. Some of the means developed in this challenge are technological, on the one hand, and changing the behavioral habits of society, on the other hand. We will present here a model that illustrates this paradigm. The technological means in the issue raised here is the Zoom application, which is a social network application that allows simultaneous contact through a network for users to communicate and impart knowledge, in order to take advantage of the “closure” period-social isolation (which is one of the means used in dealing with epidemics). Enrichment of knowledge is usually a distant goal. It can be concluded that we now have a "Facebook State", which has billions of members, with their own language, and similar behavioral patterns. Social networks play a number of roles:

 Social networks play a number of roles:

  • The Zoom application supports the physical transmission of information, in a short time, at long distances simultaneously to the masses.
  • The social network has helped people gather relevant material from the networks themselves, to construct presentations containing popular science.
  • Social networks know how to construct for audiences’ cross-sections of popular science fields according to different social profiles.

Keywords: Zoom; Social network; Advertising; Profile; Target audience; Audience satisfaction; Marketing

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