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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Smart Interactive Learning Measures for the Modern Education System

  • Open or CloseMuhammad Shahzad Nazir*

    Faculty of Automation, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Huai’an, 223003, China

    *Corresponding author: Muhammad Shahzad Nazir, Faculty of Automation, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Huai’an, 223003, China

Submission: February 13, 2021; Published: March 4, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/AES.2021.01.000522

Volume1 Issue5


Educational needs are of paramount importance for educational institutions. We proposed a synergistic framework for combining the key elements of teaching and learning, with a flow theory approach that can induce the overall learning efficacy with an added value of sustaining the smart teaching and training environment. The given framework has various applications in the realms of technology, communication, and learning to help students adjust their learning needs and resolve any issues within the school system. There are positive outcomes to the proposed framework of minimal learning requirements, due to a more confident learning environment, that can allow for more advancement and academic success. Students cognitive ability and ability to learn can be improved via constant monitoring and analyzing of the student’s performance with software and technology (IoT). Figuring out how to build Internet of Things applications for the various student levels in one classroom is a challenging issue. Our aim is to assist user to appreciate the aptitude, adapt, and use technologies like artificial Intelligence to produce fruitful learning objectives.

Keywords: Smart education; Smart tools; E-Learning; Learning efficacy; Internet of things; AI

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