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Annals of Chemical Science Research

Oxidation and World Hunger

  • Open or CloseGilberto João Pavani*

    Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    *Corresponding author:Gilberto João Pavani, Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Submission: June 16, 2023;Published: June 26, 2023

ISSN : 2688-8394
Volume4 Issue2

DOI: 10.31031/ACSR.2023.04.000582


The cost of food is the main cause of 828 million people sleeping hungry daily, and it is necessary to reduce food losses which will contribute to the reduction of its final price, allowing the access of a greater number of people to the nutrients necessary for their sustenance, requiring technological solutions such as the reduction of gaseous permeability in polymeric packaging to increase the shelf life of fresh foods and processed products that require precise information on the gas transport coefficients of homogeneous semipermeable materials, such as semicrystalline polymers under different pressures, temperatures and air humidity contents. Thus, there is a need to bring together initiatives such as those suggested in this work to allow the global reduction of food losses.

Keywords:Oxidation; Gaseous permeability; Polymer packaging; World hunger

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