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Annals of Chemical Science Research

New Modified Thin PDMS Membranes for IMS Detection of Volatile Chemical Agents

Submission: October 28, 2022;Published: November 03, 2022

ISSN : 2688-8394
Volume3 Issue3

DOI: 10.31031/ACSR.2022.03.000561


Detectable warfare agents in soil is important problem after using them. Now this problem are urgent and it should be prepared technics to detect warfare agents from soil and vapors from soil. One of most common methods is using devices base on Ion Mobility Spectrometry. In this communicate we propose possibility to increase membrane sensitivity and selectivity, to develop relatively simple method to detect warfare agents in the soil. To increase sensitivity and to reduce detection time in the Ion Mass Spectroscopy detectors there are required thin Polydimethylsiloxane PDMS membranes impermeable to the water vapors and permeable, selective to the tested volatile chemical agents. To obtain mechanically strong and thin PDMS membranes a porous supports were applied and to increase permeability of chemical agents addition of selected poly(ethylene oxides) were tested.

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