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Annals of Chemical Science Research

Evaluation of the Impact of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment on the Isotopic Abundance Ratio of L-Cysteine Using LC-MS Spectrometry

Submission: December 07, 2020Published: January 22, 2021

ISSN : 2688-8394
Volume2 Issue3

DOI: 10.31031/ACSR.2020.02.000537


L-cysteine is a semi-essential and unique amino acid containing the thiol group in its structure may be essential for newborns, the elderly, and individuals with certain metabolic disease or malabsorption syndromes. This current study was designed to investigate the impact of The Trivedi Effect®-Biofield Energy Healing Treatment on the structural properties and the isotopic abundance ratio of L-cysteine using LC-MS spectroscopy. L-cysteine sample was divided into two parts, one part of L-cysteine was considered as the control sample (no Biofield Energy Treatment was provided), while the second part was treated with The Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment remotely by a renowned Biofield Energy Healer, Alice Branton and termed as the treated sample. The LC-MS spectra of both the control and treated samples at retention time (Rt) 1.96 minutes exhibited the mass of the molecular ion peak adduct with hydrogen ion at 122 (calcd for C3H8NO2S+, 122.03) along with low molecular fragmented mass peaks at m/z 105, 102, 87, 76, and 59 for C3H5O2S+, C3H2O2S•+, C3H5NO22+ or C3H5NS•+, C2H6NO2+, and C2H3O2+, respectively were also observed. The isotopic abundance ratios of PM+1/PM (2H/1H or 13C/12C or 15N/14N or 17O/16O or 33S/32S) and PM+2/PM (34S/32S) in the treated L-cysteine was significantly increased by 25% and 17.39%, respectively compared with the control sample. Hence, the 13C, 2H, 15N, 17O, 33S and 34S contributions from C3H8NO2S+ to m/z 123 and 124 in the treated L-cysteine was significantly increased compared to the control sample. It can be assumed that the changes in isotopic abundance and mass peak intensities due to changes in nuclei possibly through the interference of neutrino particles via The Trivedi Effect® - Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment.

The treated L-cysteine with increased stable isotopic abundance ratio might have changed the physicochemical properties with higher force constant within the molecule. The new form of treated L-cysteine would be a better and more stable precursor in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal-care industries, additives to cigarettes (act as an expectorant), preventative or antidote for some of the negative effects of alcohol, acetaminophen overdose, clinically used ranging from baldness to psoriasis, excellent for the treatment of asthmatics by enabling them to stop theophylline and other medications, enhances the effect of topically applied silver, tin and zinc salts for preventing dental cavities. In the near future, this Biofield Energy Treated L-cysteine may play a better role in the treatment of diabetes, psychosis, cancer, and seizures.

Keywords: L-cysteine; The Trivedi effect®; Biofield energy; Consciousness energy healing treatment; LC-MS

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