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Advancements in Civil Engineering & Technology

Features of Application of Some Methods of Non-Traditional Technology to Improve the Functional Quality of Low-Rise Construction Objects

  • Open or CloseAlexander AP*

    Associate Professor of Fundamentals of Architecture, Russia

    *Corresponding author:Alexander AP, Associate Professor of Fundamentals of Architecture, Russia

Submission: January 20, 2020;Published: February 10, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/ACET.2019.03.000577

ISSN : 2639-0574
Volume4 Issue1


Introduction: This research is based on the scientific hypothesis about a gradual decrease in the scope and scope at the application in traditional technological methods for the formation functional quality at low-rise construction objects. The subject of this research is productive and reproductive directions for architectural activity, which are characterizing the features of traditional and non-traditional methods at practical implementation composite solutions in architectural systems. The relevance for their research is related to the analysis aspects the application in non-traditional methods manufacturability for restoration (increase) functional quality level for a material objects architectural activity, that are in operation, without changing their initial functional purpose.

Materials and methods: A systematic analysis factors and aspects for application of techniques and means in innovative technological effectiveness, generalization and synthesis at relevant and verified information materials.

Result: As a result of this research, the main types influence factors and aspects for architectural activity were identified that determined the features of reducing apology for the spread traditional technological methods for the formation the architectural systems in low-rise construction. The features of the influence the adaptability property on the composition in low-rise construction object are considered. The analysis of the features in this use at non-traditional (innovative) techniques for the development and practical implementation in composite solutions are considered. The features for techniques aimed at improving the functional quality at construction projects, which are characterized by the state (period) the operation of their life cycle is considered. It has been established, that promising techniques of unconventional manufacturability, can significantly expand the possibilities for architectural creativity (while maintaining the canonical approach to architectural composition) to form a new level for quality architectural systems.

Conclusion: The current state of architectural science allows (in most cases) to establish the required quality through the use non-traditional methods for forming the functional quality in architectural systems. The study examined the main aspects and influence factors that determine the choice at techniques for non-traditional manufacturability, as a competitive way to increase functional quality in traditional and non-traditional types of architectural systems in low-rise buildings and structures. Keywords: Low-rise objects; Architectural systems; Compositional solutions; Influence factors; Technological aspects; Traditional and non-traditional technological features; Productive and reproductive activity; Functional quality

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