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Advancements in Civil Engineering & Technology

LEED vs Estidama

Submission: March 29, 2018; Published: April 05, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ACET.2018.01.000502

ISSN 2639-0574
Volume1 Issue1


In the past few decades, the United Arab Emirates has set a great model for developing countries. Placing itself at the forefront of many industries, breaking records and embodying that the sky is the limit, UAE had to stay up-to-date with all of industries taking place in it. As the construction industry is of UAE’s most strong suits, contributing 11% of the total GDP, and for being globally known to build one the best skylines in the middle of the desert in a pretty short period of time; the Leadership of the United Arab Emirates foresaw the importance of the sustainable built environments. Having to step down that road, UAE’s government had to set processes, goals and measures to ensure an incremental success along the way. Starting from that point, a vision has been set in which improving air quality, preservation of natural resources, clean energy, waste management and implementing green growth is heavily considered. Having a mindset and goals ready, there was nothing else left to start this journey but to identify the tools in which industry professionals can measure against to determine how effective their efforts are.

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