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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Explaining The Mystery of Living Without Eating and Drinking

Maria Kuman*

Holistic Research Institute, USA

*Corresponding author:Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37923, USA

Submission: August 16, 2021;Published: October 21, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2020.06.000648

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume 6 Issue 5


The Australian lady Dzasmuhin lives without eating since 1993. She is a subject of studies of many scientific institutes. She is author of many books and articles describing the possibilities to live only on prana – the universal cosmic life force. She came to this understanding after she had studied with many renown Yogi of India, including Babadzhi. In her book “Life Based on Light”, she writes that she sees the future of the planet as life without eating – spiritual people living only on God’s light. She claims that the energy of the Spirit is golden white light, which is a form of psychic energy. “Transmit this golden white light to a sick person and he will be cured”, she claims [1].
In South Russia lives another woman, Zinaida Baranova, who lives without eating and drinking. She was 67 years old when she stopped eating and drinking. It was difficult only the first two weeks until the body switched to the new regime of not eating and not drinking - her skin was covered with red spots – seemingly the body was desperately trying to absorb moisture through the skin. After 6 weeks everything became normal – the body had adjusted to the new regime of not eating and not drinking. The medical check ups show abnormal functioning of the digestive tract, but she feels great. Her menstrual cycle came back and being age 67, she has the body of 30-years old [1].
Both women live at vibrational level. What do I mean with this? When the Creator was to create the world, he needed a substance that will not dissipate (nonlinear electromagnetic fields (NEMF) do not dissipate) and that could imprint information (nonlinear electromagnetic fields (NEMF) could imprint information as well). He created a Sphere of this NEMF, which became the first created Universe. Then he imprinted on it holographic three-dimensional image of what he wanted to create and the creation started. The imprinted program scooped out rotationally some of the NEMF substance, thus creating Black Holes of anti-matter, which gave birth to galaxies of spinning shining stars [2]. The stars with the help of a wondering Black Hole gave birth of spinning planets, which with time cooled down and turned into dark material planets [3].
Thus, the whole material world was created by Black Holes of anti-matter and the NEMF separating the matter from the anti-matter got imprinted on all material creations. This made all material creations dark material bodies and light NEMFs [2]. All living beings (humans, animals, and plants) have another (second) NEMF attached magnetically to the NEMF of the material body. This second NEMF is what we see as aura. I measured this field for 40 years and I found it to be emotional. Since when we experience positive emotions we say we are in high Spirit and our aura is brighter and when we experience negative emotions we say we are in low spirit and our aura is dimmer, the aura is our Spirit.
The Russian scientist Shkatov created and patented equipment that allows him to measure the spinning of our NEMF seen as aura. He found that positive emotions make the NEMF of the aura spin clockwise. Since according to nonlinear physics vortices spin clockwise and suck energy in, the energy uplift of the Spirit (NEMF) at positive emotions can only be explained if the clockwise spinning Spirit sucks NEMF energy from the Space Matrix (ether). Shkatov found that negative emotions make the NEMF of the aura (Spirit) spin counterclockwise. Since according to nonlinear physics anti-vortices spin counterclockwise and emit energy, the low energy of the Spirit (NEMF) at negative emotions could only be explained, if the counterclockwise spinning Spirit loses NEMF energy to the Space Matrix [4].
I also found that the NEMF (Spirit) is weak informational field, but this weak field rules and regulates everything in the body, not with its strength, but with the information it carries [5]. In this way, by measuring for 40 years the weak informational NEMF of our body seen as aura, I was able to decipher that the Space Matrix must be weak informational NEMF. We are a material body and Spirit. When the material body gets its energy from food, the emotional Spirits (NEMFs) get their energy from the Space Matrix (ether), which is NEMF. Our Sun also gets its energy from the Space Matrix (ether), by breathing in NEMF energy from the Space Matrix (ether) during the active cycle and releasing NEMF energy to the Space Matrix (ether) during the cycle of low solar activity [6].
The fact that it is possible to live without eating proves that we are a material body and Spirit and while our body gets its energy from food, our emotional Spirit (NEMF) when experiencing positive emotions gets uplifted from sucking energy from the Space Matrix (ether), which is NEMF. This means that the two women living without eating get their energy from the Space Matrix (NEMF) through their Spirits (NEMF). However, if you want to live without eating (without supplying energy to your material body), it becomes essential to experience only positive emotions because only at positive emotions the emotional Spirit breathe in NEMF energy from the Space Matrix (NEMF).
This explains the vision of Dzhasmuhin of the future of the Earth – “spiritual people living only on God’s light” [1]. However, “living on God’s light” means living the God’s way, i.e. loving (everybody around, your neighbors, and even your enemies), forgiving, and helping others, which was the core of the Jesus’ teaching. Jesus was offering food for the Soul, which is a unity of body and Spirit. While our body craves food, our Soul craves Love. Helping others is also food for the Soul (because it feels good to do something good) and Dzhasmuhin claims that when you start helping others, a lot of other people start reaching to help you, as if you become center of God’s attention.


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