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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Chaos and Disorder (Entropy) in The Universe and Man

Maria Kuman*

Holistic Research Institute, USA

*Corresponding author:Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37923, USA

Submission: August 16, 2021;Published: August 31, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2020.06.000644

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume 6 Issue 4


Joseph Ford describes the chaos as “dynamics, which is finally free from the chains of the order and predictability of the system”. Roderick Jensen defines chaos as “disordered, unpredictable behavior of deterministic nonlinear systems” [1]. According to me, chaos is a state of disorder, specific for systems shifting from one state of order to another. Just like when you decide to change the order of furniture in your house, you need to pass through a state of disorder to change the existing order, the chaos is a state of temporary disorder until the system shifts to another state of order.
But we also have slowly creeping disorder ruled by the everlasting entropy (disorder) increase with time, which reflects the everlasting winning of the disorder over the order with time. Is chaos the final point of the constant winning disorder over the order? It seems that this applies to the whole Universe including the living beings. The ever-lasting entropy (disorder) increase with time makes the Universe, as well as all living beings, to age and die. Let us first start with the aging of the Universe and then we will shift to the aging of all living beings.
The Universe, which now expands, cannot be expanding forever because of the everlasting increase of entropy (disorder) with time. As the disorder increases with time, the Universe needs to stop expanding and start contracting. Why do I think so? In the last few years we have been observing with LEGO equipment merging of Black Holes (and neutron stars). It is high time to start asking the questions what this means. The two merging Black Holes (or neutron stars) first spin around each other and then merge (annihilate). The same spinning around each other before to annihilate is observed at the annihilation (merging) of electron and positron [2].
The electron and positron spin in opposite direction and create magnetic fields with opposite polarity, which makes them attract each other, as two magnets with opposite polarity would do; this is what makes them to spin around each other and then merge. If the same behavior is observed at the merging of two Black Holes (or neutron stars), they must spin in opposite direction to attract each other. This means that we have Black Holes that spin in one direction and Black Holes that spin in opposite direction. Finally, the astronomers accepted the fact that there is a Black Hole at the center of each galaxy. To this I will add - there is a good reason for this because the Black Hole gave birth to the stars of the galaxy.
The Black Holes are anti-matter - proof of this is the fact that all stars move away from the Black Holes that created them in open trajectories. This means that the Black Holes create anti-gravitational field and only anti-matter can create anti-gravitational field. In nonlinear physics, only anti-vortices spinning counterclockwise create matter. Therefore, the Black Holes making stars must spin counterclockwise like an anti-vortex. However, since with time the disorder increases (with time the stars age and the galaxies become more and more disordered) the galaxy expansion cannot continue forever.
Merging of two Black Holes means that there are also Black Holes spinning in opposite direction. It seems that when the stars are halfway aged and disordered, the Black Holes stop making stars and start spinning in opposite clockwise direction. Since vortices spin clockwise and suck energy or matter, obviously when the stars are halfway aged and the galaxy disordered, the central Black Hole starts spinning clockwise and sucking the stars back in. Until the stars reach the Black Hole, they are totally aged and disordered ready to be sucked into the Black Hole and recycled (turned into anti-matter). And if so, the merging of two Black Holes is nothing else but recycling of the Black Hole of an old galaxy.
If this is true for the galaxies, it is going to be true for the whole Universe. Considering the entropy (disorder) increase with time, our Universe cannot expand forever. As the disorder increases with time, the time will come when the Universe starts shrinking. In ancient Hindu texts the time of creation and expansion of the Universe is called one Day of God Brahma and lasts 4.32 billion years. The time of contraction and destruction of the old, disordered Universe is called One Night of God Brahma and last another 4.32 billion years [3]. It is done so that a new Universe in perfect order can be created.
Alexander Friedman, in 1924 proved that the cosmic constant in the equations of Einstein couldn’t be a constant because the Universe is changing. One of his models of dynamic Universe is constantly expanding and contracting Universe. His rough estimate for the lasting of this whole cycle is 10 billion years, which agrees very well with the exact number of the ancients 8.64 billion years for the whole cycle of expansion and contraction [3]. If the Universe is no exception from the law of constant increase of entropy (disorder) with time, so is the human body… and because of the increasing disorder in our body with time we age, and when the disorder reaches the final state of chaos we die.
In a previous article [4], I said that Black Holes of anti-matter created the whole material world and the NEMF that separated the anti-matter of the Black Holes from the created matter got imprinted on all material creations. Thus, everything material is a material body and nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). This automatically explains why the particles are particles and waves at the same time. Our material body is also a material body and NEMF. However, all living beings (humans, animals, and plants) have a second NEMF magnetically intertwined to the NEMF of the material body. This NEMF is what we see as aura. I was instinctively driven to study the aura and try to understand what it is.
More than 40 years ago, I started with first photographing the aura; then I developed a special supersensitive equipment to measure it because this is weak informational field - 1,000 times weaker than the field created by the bio currents of the body. I found that the aura is emotionally sensitive [5]. Thus, all living being have a second NEMF, which is emotional, and this makes all living beings emotional. Since we say we are in high Spirit when we experience positive emotions and we say we are in low Spirit when we experience negative emotions, I reached the conclusion that this second NEMF must be our emotional Spirit seen as aura.
After I reached the conclusion on my own that our emotional NEMF (seen as aura) must be our emotional Spirit, I recently found that the advanced Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priests that the aura was our Spirit more than 2,000 years ago. Thus, we are a material body and emotional Spirit seen as aura. What our emotions have to do with the Law of constant increase of the entropy (disorder) with time? The HeartMath Institute in California found that during meditation on Love the EEG of the brain and the ECG of the heart have more harmonious vibrations [6]. This means that all living beings are granted second NEMF, which is emotional to allow them through experiencing positive emotions, like Love, to counteract the Law of entropy (disorder) increase with aging.
This explains the answer, which Jesus gave to his beloved disciple John when asked what his major teaching was, with which he would want to be remembered. Jesus’ answer was: “Love one another, Love your neighbor, and even Love your enemies”. Love makes us happier and according to my measurements of the aura (Spirit) [5], only thoughts of the happiest moments of our life makes us healthier, and when we are happy and healthy, we age less. The other two major teachings of Jesus were: forgive and help others. What forgiveness is doing is: it eliminates the emotional trauma, which is like a bump on which the brain waves stumble all the time. Forgiveness eliminates the emotional trauma (the bump) and makes the brain waves run smoothly, i.e. restores the harmony.
What “helping others” do to us is: it makes us feel good that we have done something good and this uplifts the energy of our emotional Spirit. Since the emotional Spirit rules and regulates everything in the body, my measurements [5] showed that not only does the energy of the whole-body increases, it is also better balanced. Perfect balance means perfect health and perfect health means harmonic functioning of the whole body with more order and less disorder. With this I proved scientifically that living our lives the way Jesus was teaching: “Love, Forgive, and Help others”, is going to make us more happy, healthier, and age less.
This proves that all living beings got the second emotional NEMF, seen as aura and called Spirit, for a good reason. The Creator, by making us emotional, gave us the opportunity to counteract the law of ever-growing disorder and aging – by choosing to be always positive and experience only positive emotions. We were granted the ability to get emotional energy uplift for loving, forgiving, and helping others, which makes us feel happy, be healthy, and live longer.
Every one of us has a Quantum Computer in the Subconscious [7] working with the waves of our Spirit, which is a template of the hologram of the Creator. The Creator wants us to be like Him: loving, forgiving, and helping others, and this is imprinted in the hardware of the Quantum Computer. If we follow these rules of life, we get emotional energy uplifts for loving, forgiving, and helping others, i.e. we feel happy, are healthy, and live longer. Jesus came to this Earth to remind us what the Creator want us to be – loving, forgiving, and helping others.
However, loving, forgiving, and helping others could decrease but cannot completely eliminate the aging of the material body. Even the Creator couldn’t stop the growing disorder (entropy) with time manifested in living beings as aging. But because the material body ages, and the disorder in it increases with time, inevitably a moment comes when the chaos takes over. Then the material body dies and the Spirit leaves. However, the Spirit was allowed to reincarnate in a new material body to continue to grow spiritually.


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