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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Elderly, Are You Ready for the Moon?

Mister SA*

University of Sadat City, Egypt

*Corresponding author:Mister SA, Department of Physiology, Oyo State, Nigeria

Submission: September 06, 2019;Published: September 13, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2019.05.000608

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume5 Issue2


The month of July 2019, we celebrated 50 years anniversary of the US landing on the Moon and TV and all the press are speaking about going to the Moon again, I want to propose to create “Moon Colony for the Elderly”. You may ask: “Why?” If you were already elderly, you would know why? With the aging it becomes more and more difficult when sitting to lift your bottom and to lift and move your legs-elderly people shuffle their legs. All this means that the earth’s gravitation becomes a burden for the elderly. A natural question arises: “Why not to move the elderly to the Moon, where the gravitation is 6 times less?” It will be adequate of shifting them back in age. They will be able to move and walk again with much less effort and even to dance. The “Moon Colony for The Elderly” will have a dancing club and gyms for Tai Chi and Yoga exercises. All this is going to make the life of the elderly on the Moon fun again, instead of having a burden life on Earth, where the gravitation is 6 times stronger.

So, elderly, are you ready for life on the Moon, where you will be able again to enjoy your life-without efforts and pain to: walk, dance again, and exercise? Thus, people will be living on Earth when young and full with energy because for them the higher gravitation on Earth is not a problem. However, in advance age when the energy of the elderly decreases and the strong gravitation on Earth becomes a problem, they would rather live on the Moon where the gravitation is 6 times less. Of course, it will take some time to adapt to the much lower gravitation, but after the adaptation is done, the life of the elderly on the Moon is going to be fun. It makes sense to have “Moon Colony for the Elderly”. I hope this idea of mine will be accepted and it would stimulate not only farther attempts to go to the Moon again, but to try to colonize the Moon with the prospect to use it for the elderly. The proposal for building Elderly Colony on the Moon is not so fantastic as it seems because: 1/regolith, which is abundant on the moon and resembles tiny bits of broken ceramic, can be used for building solar panels as well as living quarters; 2/regolith contains 40% oxygen, which could be extracted and used for breathing or for rocket fuel; 3/The shadow side of the moon has ice, which can be melted and used as a source of water. We can make the Moon livable.

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