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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Procreation?- It is not only the DNA: Origin of the Races

Maria Kuman*

Holistic Research Institute, USA

*Corresponding author: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Submission: January 05, 2019;Published: January 23, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2019.03.000572

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume3 Issue5


Dr. Watson, who took Nobel Prize with Dr. Crick for revealing the double helix structure of DNA, married an 18 years-old female student 13 years later. She was 20 years younger than him and she married the genius Watson to have genius children. What a bad joke. The first son was diagnosed with manic-depressive schizophrenia; the second was normal, but not genius in any way. Maybe, it is not only the DNA that makes procreation to happen. Scientists found that if one of the spirals of DNA is damaged or part of it missing, it will be restored within two hours through comparison with the existing whole spiral. However, recent studies [1] found that even when both spirals are damaged or parts of them missing, they will be restored. There is no explanation how, but there should be something carrying the whole information.

Also, Russian scientists found that when from an unfertilized egg the entire DNA, which carries the hereditary information, was sucked out, and then with a torsion generator information introduced from an already developed ted-pole-a-ted-pole developed with all its parts [2]. Therefore, not the DNA, the information that the DNA carries does the procreation. And this information is what restores the DNA when both spirals of DNA are damaged or missing. Who carries this information? The author of this article spent almost 40 years of her life measuring the human nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF)-the weak field that rules and regulates everything in the body-and the author is convinced that this weak NEMF carries the information.

It seems that when this weak NEMF (that carries the information) enters an ovarian cell, the fertilization is considered successful. Then the material DNA of the future individual is synthesized under its guidance and the procreation takes place. Maybe, this weak NEMF is the so-called Spirit - all religions teach that we are material body and Spirit. How weak is this NEMF? It is 1,000 times weaker than the bio currents of the body. The author had to develop supersensitive equipment to be able to measure it. Since This NEMF (called Spirit) is too weak to be measured with existing equipment, the scientists deny its existence. Another reason to deny its existence is-it is stored in the Subconscious and we don’t have conscious awareness of it.

The waves of this weak NEMF (called Spirit) are basis of the operating in the Subconscious Quantum Computer, which from the Subconscious rule and regulate everything in the body. From hypnosis, which puts the conscious to sleep and allows access to the Subconscious, we know that our Subconscious Computer (when the Conscious is shut off) does calculations 10,000 times faster than our Conscious.

This makes the Quantum Computer of the Subconscious supercomputer because it works with waves, which are much faster. These are the waves of our NEMF and they make the speed of processing of our Quantum Computer 10,000 times faster than the calculations done in our Conscious on biochemical basis, which makes our Conscious Computer a Digital Computer. Since the Quantum Computer operates with waves, it can connect us to the Universe, it can connect us with each other (telepathic connection), and it can connect us (telepathically) with animals and plants. We are body and Spirit (NEMF) and the more spiritual we are, the easier it is to get in touch and use the Quantum Computer of our Subconscious, which works with the waves of our Spirit (NEMF).

Let us go back to the beginning. Why does the Universe played such a bad joke to Watsons? It was to show them that DNA is not everything. As we showed in a previous article [3], we are Body and Spirit, and the Mind and the intellect come with the Spirit (the NEMF), not so much from the DNA. Unfortunately, Dr. Watson didn’t get it. Watson later made racist statement that the Africans are lower grade people because their IQ tests are lower. Black people got offended and ascribed this to environment (not DNA) and they were right. We are going to show in this article how the races developed based on DNA studies, only. And this will prove that there is no place for racist statements.

Three Italian genetic specialists L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, P. Menozi, A. Piazza were paid by UNESCO for 17 years to travel all over the planet, study the human genes, and map them. They did and they publish their results in the book History and Geography of the Human Genes [4]. Since the dark-skin Africans have the same features (dark skin and small-curls hair) as the Australian aborigines, they expected to find common genes in both populations regardless how far these places are. Their genetic studies [2] did not find any common genes between the Africans and the Australian aboriginesnone, whatsoever.

They publish their results without comments. However, since both populations live at the same geographic latitude, obviously when adapting to its tropical hot climate, they developed the same features – dark skin and small curls hair. The Ethiopians of East Africa have the same dark skin and small curls hair as the Australians and the West Africans because they live at the same hot tropical climate. However, if the Ethiopian facial features are different from these of the West Africans, it is because one of the Ethiopian tribes, Oromo, came from the Pacific, as Ethiopian ancient texts say. However, living at the equatorial hot tropical climate for many thousands of years, when trying to adapt to it they acquired the same dark skin and small-curls hair.

Let us, now, take as an example the Mongoloid race. The Eskimo, who live far to the north, have the same slanted eyes as the Mongoloid race. Probably, the slanted eyes were developed as adaptation to the strong reflection of the sun light from the snow. With time, some of these northern tribes moved south to present day Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, but the slanted eyes stayed with them. Let us, now, take as an example the white race. They lived at latitudes between the northern Eskimo and the southern black race. And when adapting to their environment with less sun and cold winters, they developed the features that are specific for them-white skin and narrow nostrils to decrease the flow of cold air. Thus, I truly believe that there was one prototype of humans on Earth at the beginning. The different races developed when adapting to the dramatically different climates of different areas and we have genetic studies to prove it [2]. Considering this, racial discrimination does not make any sense because we are the same people. If some of us look different, it is because their ancestors lived at different geographic latitude for thousands of years and adapting to these conditions they developed different appearance.


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© 2019 Maria Kuman. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.