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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Law of Attraction or a Joyful Christmas Story

Mariya Shiyko*

Department of Applied Psychology, USA

*Corresponding author: Mariya Shiyko, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, USA

Submission: December 19, 2018;Published: December 21, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2018.03.000562

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume3 Issue3

Fear thinks, love feels

Fear controls, love allows

Fear reacts, love creates

Fear owns, love frees


When I was a child, my favorite part of Christmas was the story of Santa Claus. This wonderful man cared-not only about me but many children. His schedule during the month of December consisted of reading letters and granting wishes. As I got older and realized that it was actually my parents who fulfilled the list, the magic of the holiday was partially gone. It returned years later, when I learned about the Law of Attraction-this electromagnetic principle of how energy moves. Like attracts the like, in a nut shell. Life doesn’t just happen to us-that is a big confusion, an idea that disease, break-up, stress, being fired from a job occurs for no reason. All of those circumstances are a call for us to wake up!

The usual approach is to hope for someone outside of ourselves to save us. In many ways, this is a child-like perspective, similar to that of a story with Santa Claus, that places a center of the Universe outside of oneself, someone else to save our world. The law of attraction postulates that “change starts from within.” It shifts the locus of control to the inner center of every single person.

The old model of disease is connected to genes, environment, circumstances-things outside of someone control. Yet, while there are millions of cancer cells that form in our body on a daily basis, whether they mutate depends on the strength of the immune systems, degree of physical inflammation, and the overall state of well-being. Disease begins the moment we stop listening to ourselves. A child knows when to sleep, what to eat, how to rest, and with whom to connect socially-based on what FEELS GOOD.

This inner knowing is JOY-a natural state of equilibrium, when listening to oneself matches actions and life choices. We do not associate with people who are toxic, we do not overextend ourselves at work, we put food in our mouth that is nourishing. Children have this natural ability. The best kind of parenting is modeling this lifestyle rather than forcing.

Unfortunately, as adults, we have gone through a lot of micro- trauma and violation of this inner state of knowing. Our locus of control has been misplaced through Pavlovian conditioning and repeated punishment-“do what I tell you, otherwise… “As children, there is great dependence on parents and adults for survival. Yet, somehow, the external locust of control also came with a misunderstanding that “more education produces more happiness.”

“Embrace of the Serpent”-a 2015 film describes a journey in the Amazonian forest in search for life elixir-a magical plant that would cure disease. A German scientist travels with suitcases full of books and devices to find his way, yet he continuously gets lost. His simple companion is an older man who has grew up in the forest. He finds just the right moment to say, “Stop and listen. It is time to throw away the books and devices.”

Just like the German scientist, we keep searching outside of ourselves for solutions. “Is drinking coffee right?” “Is chocolate good?” “How many hours of sleep I need?” We create devices and learning from books instead of listening. I couldn’t wrap my head around, when several years ago I started working for a top scientific center. It had a wonderful mission of improving the world and worked towards finding solutions for major addictions and health concerns. I was people worked 60+ hour weeks in cubicles under the florescent light not tending to their bodies. Major principles of self-care were violated. How can you create a cure in the process of getting sick and dying yourself?

Omnia mia mecum porto-is a saying attributed to Bias of Pirene, one of the seven Sages of Ancient Greece. In principle, he described the Law of Attraction-all the answers are within you, not outside of you. Simplicity is lost in the process of education, accumulation of CV pages, and pursuit of academic degrees. When a shaman is asked, “how can I get healthy?” he responds, “go dance, sing, praise the sun, and make love.”

There is both sadness and joy in this little Christmas story. I was born and raised in Russia, where the culture of achievement, competition, perfectionism, antagonism, comparison, and external reward is engrained in generational consciousness. Thought patterns and values are somewhat misplaced to “what others think” and “what others value.” Majority overpowers the inner voice of “I need rest right now.”

Law of attraction is not about living in isolation as a monk or a sage. Quite the opposite. Relationships built on principles of deep listening and love are sustainable, creative, respectful, and long-term. They are not based on product but are built on process. Product comes along as a part of the journey. This is a foundation of Love at a workplace, educational systems, political establishments, health-care facilities, and most importantly-a relationship with Oneself.

LOVE is at the center of it all. Love is not a part of traditional curriculum of law and medical schools, psychology and political departments, nursing and pharmacy training programs. Love has no fear. Yet, we are conditioned to do out of fear. The law of attraction: what is on the inside is reflected around is demonstrated in that way based on how modern economy, education, politics, diplomacy, spiritual practices, management, and family dynamics are structured. The kind of love we all know is based on conditions.

The law of attraction is simple: be here now, do not get lost in the mind, pay attention, listen internally, do what feels right. Yes, do what feels right, not what you think is right. The body never lies. We have created generational trauma of a body disconnect. We are trying to get smarter to solve the world problems, when instead we need to learn how to love - ourselves, first of all, and then, by extension- others.

Loving means listening. You can’t love if you can’t listen. Otherwise, it is a projection of what you force love to be. Love doesn’t force, it allows. Love doesn’t project, it sees clearly. We often try to solve the world problems out of fear-based conditioning: rushing, running out of time, having deadlines due yesterday. Love requires presence-Now, Now, and Now! Acting from listening. Small and notrushed steps.

It has taken me years to understand this. Living from the heart-center, not the mind, is the path to health, well-being, balance, peace, love, and joy. I am fully aware this style of an article is somewhat unusual for a scientific paper. I’ve written many with beautifully crafted arguments, statistics, p-values, dynamic non-linear models, complicated statistics. After all, I have a PhD in quantitative methods. Yet, complexity hides truth and wisdom. This is how love has been lost through centuries. This is why Latin language was abandoned in the first place and spiritual teachings started being taught in the native language. We need to go one step further and simplify even more.

Learning more, just in case, is an empty path. It gets us lost in the mind-trying to learn everything before the problem exists. Learning through living is a different approach. It requires full presence and participation. Law of attraction states: we all have a choice. The body as the first entry point to know what feels Joyful and what doesn’t. Trusting that and following through with actions is a good first step. One moment at a time.

© 2018 Mariya Shiyko. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.

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