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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Homeopathy: Cases and Remedies

Abraham C Kuruvilla*

Department of Family and Community Medicine, USA

*Corresponding author: Abraham C. Kuruvilla, Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical Director, Ambulatory Care, District Medical Group, Phoenix-AZ 85016

Submission: :June 15, 2018;Published: July 13, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2018.03.000555

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume3 Issue1


Use of Homeopathic medicines in multiple countries has been reported [1]. Better glycemic control in Type 2 Diabetes has been recently reported [2]. Successful treatment of hyperhidrosis of 2 patients with identical symptoms but 2 different constitutions, mercuries solubilize and phosphorus has been reported in the past [3]. In children with Acute Otitis Media (AOM) treated with homeopathic remedy leading to significant pain control was reported from United Kingdom [4]. Good results in treating ADHD with appropriate homeopathic remedy is reported [4]. The purpose of this presentation is to describe a few more cases and Homeopathic remedies.

Keywords: Constitution; Homeopathy; Remedies

Case Report

Case 1: ADHD

An 8 year old boy was found to be not performing well in school and work up led to ADHD. Mother wanted to try Homeopathy. The most prominent feature was a round face, being chubby, liking softly cooked eggs and salt. He needed light at night in his room because he did not like darkness. He did not like home work. Calcarea Carbonica at 30 C was prescribed but had no improvement by 10 days. The same remedy was used at 200 C with immediate effect. The child became calmer, attentive and doing homework voluntarily. The teacher noticed major changes for the better.

Case 2: Sulphur

A 26 year old woman had chronic skin eruptions in the extremities and back for 8 years. Multiple treatments including steroids did not help. She had qualities of leadership and complete self-confidence. In conversation, she appeared to be self-centered and brave to tackle new issues. She liked sweets. The remedy chosen was Sulphur 200 C. In 2 weeks new eruptions stopped. In 2 months skin was totally normal.

Case 3: Left sided otitis media

A 4 year old boy was brought to the office with history of multiple left sided otitis media. He was on antibiotics several times. He was observed to be clinging to his mother. The remedy chosen was Pulsatilla 30 C. He was free of ear infections afterwards.

Case 4: Right sided otitis media

A 55 year old woman gave the history of sharp, excruciating pain of right ear multiple times leading to ER visits. Because the tympanic membrane was always red, she would be treated with antibiotics. Because of redness and right sidedness, she was treated with Belladonna 30 C. After the very first dose, she never had ear pain.

Case 5: Grief

A 46 year old woman lost her husband of 16 years after prolonged illness. She was grief stricken to the point she was not functioning well and could not attend to the business she was running. Even simple questions led to profound sadness and crying. She was treated with Natrum Muriaticum 200 C since it is a good remedy for grief. In 2 weeks the severity of her emotional status improved. In 2 months, she was able to attend to the business.

Case 6: Laryngeal polyp

A 60 year old male developed hoarseness of voice. There was a 10 year smoking history 40 years ago. The person had experienced GERD. Endoscopic examination of larynx showed a polyp on the left side. It was removed and found to be benign. The symptoms recurred 6 months later and endoscopy showed recurrence of the polyp. Instead of steroids, patient was started on Thuja Occidentalis 30 C twice daily. By the end of the first week hoarseness disappeared. Endoscopy during the 3rd week of Thuja showed complete resolution of the polyp and it never recurred.


In the case of ADHD, the body habitus, liking soft cooked eggs and salt, and fear of darkness were the basis of Calcarea Carbonicum. In the case of skin eruptions, a strong, leadership personality with self-centered behavior and likeness for sweets were the reason to choose Sulphur which is the preeminent skin remedy. In the case of left sided otitis media, Pulsatilla was chosen because of left side and the clinginess of the child. In right sided otitis media, the right side, intense redness of tympanic membrane and the explosive pain led to choosing Belladonna. Death of a spouse causes intense grief and Natrum Muriaticum was chosen for that reason. Thuja is recommended for warts and laryngeal polyp.


Homeopathy is widely used in the world. In the UK, the National Health Insurance covers Homeopathy; Allopathic Physicians make referrals to Homeopathic Physicians in that system. Clinical conditions presented here are common problems, the reasoning behind the remedy selection is described.


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