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Advances in Complementary &Alternative Medicine

Info Energy Medicine and Iris Diagnosis- Eventual Cure with Light

Maria Kuman*

Holistic Research Institute, USA

*Corresponding author: Maria Kuman, PhD, Professor, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Submission: April 16, 2018; Published: April 26, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2018.02.000541

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume2 Issue4


As we develop as a civilization and learn more about the functioning of our mind and body, we more and more astonished how genius our Creator must be. For security reasons, we are endowed with two types of memories-conscious and subconscious. In case something drastic happens to the brain surface, where our conscious memory is, and the damage is beyond repair, we have a whole lifespan record at subconscious level in deep areas of the brain. We know from hypnosis, which puts the Conscious to sleep and allows access to the Subconscious, that our Subconscious, located in deep areas of the brain where our emotional brain is, contains a complete record of our whole lifespan. To be able to record the information of everything we have seen, heard, smelled or emotionally experienced during our lifetime, a very compact record is necessary. Such compact record is the holographic record of images created with coherent (laser type of) waves.

Is there any indication that the recording in our Subconscious is on holographic principle? The functioning of all our organs is subordinated to the Subconscious. It is smartly done so because if a person is under stress and needs to fight for his life, he cannot be bothered with information about the functioning of his organs. For that reason, the functioning of all organs is subordinated to the Subconscious, and we don’t have conscious awareness for the functioning of our organs. However, the fact that holographic representation of all organs is available on the surface of the skin: on the palms, on the feet, and on the ears, is an indication that the Subconscious, to which the organs are subordinated, works on the holographic principle. Acupuncturists know these holographic representations and they know that they can use any of them to cure the sick organ with equal success. Dr. Omura [1] claims that holographic representation of all organs is also available on the thyroid gland.

Our vision is so important that we were also endowed with two types of vision-we can see with our eyes, but we can also see with our mind. Russian scientists [2] did experiments with people who see with their mind. With their eyes tide, when signal was not recorded between the eyes and the brain, they could still see the object and even see it from all sides (something eyes cannot do). This indicated that the vision with the mind is done on holographic principle, which means that the image was seen through waves. Only coherent (laser) type of waves can create such holographic three-dimensional images. Not only this, the same people could see the object when it was behind a screen [2]. This means that nonlinear waves are involved in the vision with the mind because only nonlinear waves can pass through a screen or a wall. From the Russian experiments, we can draw the conclusion that the seeing with the mind was done through the Subconscious, which means that the mind is product of the Subconscious. Other group of Russian experiments showed that blind children could learn to “see” colors with the tip of their fingers, which is part of this holographic vision.

All our organs are also holographically represented on the irises of our eyes. Looking at the iris, a person knowing how the organs are represented in the state of health can see the deviation(s) from norm and diagnose. Iris diagnosis has been used for millennia. Unfortunately, in the US it is faced with disbelieve. But if we want to claim that we are intelligent civilization, we must embrace the facts that: our lifelong information is recorded in the Subconscious on holographic principle as holographic images [1] and the holographic representation of the organs on the irises is part of it. We shouldn’t speak about holographic representations without mentioning the work of Dr. Hunt, who worked at UCLA. She underlined that all frequency characteristics of our energy field, reflecting the functioning of our organs, have holographic character. EEG, which registers the activity of our brain, could also be measured on the big toe-only the signal would be weaker. ECG, which registers the activity of our heart, could also be measured on the little figure of the hand-only the intensity would be a little bit lower.

Since holographic images require coherent (laser) light and all the organs are holographically represented on the iris, laser light with different colors could be used to restore the organs’ balance or cure diseases. I never found anywhere information about laser light being used on the iris for cure of chronic diseases. Here is a new opportunity for a new type of alternative medicine, which is going to be one of the modalities of the new Info Energy Medicine. Acad. Peter Garyaev in Russia [3] is marching ahead of our time-he is already using information signals for healing in a slightly different aspect. First he injected 30 rats with aloxan-a poison that kills the pancreatic cells and causes diabetes. 24 of the rats died and the surviving 6 when treated with information from healthy pancreas recovered completely. Here is how it was done.

Laser light, after reflection from mirrors, was made to be stationary. Then it was focused on the pancreas of a healthy rat, and the laser memorized the vibrations of the healthy pancreas. This information was transferred from being recorded by light to being recorded with radio waves. The 3 rats receiving the light and radio wave information from the healthy rat completely recovered in 3 days. The other 3 rats receiving only radio wave information recovered in 9 days. Grabovoi outlined that to stay healthy, we need to avoid negative information entering the water of our body or to find ways to get rid of the damage of this negative information before it has sank at physical level [3].


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