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Advances in Complementary &Alternative Medicine

Cancer is a Lost Control over Cellular Growth Caused by Stress

Maria Kuman*

Holistic Research Institute, USA

*Corresponding author: Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Submission: February 26, 2018; Published: February 27, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2018.01.000520

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume1 Issue4


The waves running along the acupuncture meridians on the surface of the body, which the author theoretically predicted [1] and Hungarian scientist experimentally found [2] are nonlinear waves. How this relates to cancer? Cancer is a jumbled mass of cells instead of useful architecture. The cancer cells are dedifferentiated (they are no more tissue specific) and they multiply senselessly. They are just like the cells in a healing wound, but in a healing wound the de-differentiation makes sense-the cells have de-differentiated to assure fast healing because de-differentiated cells multiply much faster and are free to cripple into the world. However, while the de-differentiated cells in a healing wound are ruled by the current of re-growth, which starts at the cut and lead the cells to full restoration of the tissue in the way it was before the cut, in a cancerous tissue the control over the cells has been lost and they multiply senselessly.

Many efforts have been made to find what is missing in a cancerous tissue and why the control over the cell growth has been lost. The scientists were looking for chemical change. They found electrical change-the cancerous tissue is strongly negative [3]. Nobody has looked yet for missing nonlinear waves propagating on the surface of the body [4]. Such nonlinear waves would carry information about the cellular organization-they are part of the human nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which has the shape of a torus. Russian scientist Shkatov et al. [5] patented equipment allowing him to measure the spinning of the human torus-shaped NEMF [6]. He found that negative emotions make the donut-shaped field to spin faster counter-clockwise. Nonlinear physics teaches that at counter-clockwise spinning (like in an antivortex) energy is emitted through the hole of the donut, where the axis of spinning is, and this integrating nonlinear energy is forever lost for the body.

Almost everybody knows that stress causes cancer, but nobody seems to know how. We just tap on it. When negative emotions are dominant (stress), the human NEMF becomes weaker and weaker because the donut spins counter-clockwise and loses energy. This continues until the NEMF becomes so weak that it can no longer provide the information it carried for the cellular organization. Left without the control of the human NEMF, the cells start to multiply senselessly. If this is the case, this scenario raises a lot of questions. The first of them is: should we deliver the bad news to the patient that he has cancer? This bad news (stress) would only farther decrease the energy of the cancer patients' NEMF and make their cancer worse.

This is supported by the facts that statistics in the US, UK, Greece and Rumania showed [7] that the cancer is 4 times less deadly for mentally retarded individuals, who do not understand that the cancer is deadly. Considering the fact that the diseases (including cancer) are manifested in the NEMF 5 to 7 years before they manifest at physical level, if we want to be successful in the battle against cancer, we should closely observe the human NEMF for very early detection of changes caused by cancer and try to prevent the disease at very early stage. We try to interfere and normalize the cancerous cells only in their last stage, called malignancy, when the cells multiply senselessly without control. Ancient acupuncture texts say that this is too late; it is like starting to make weapons when the enemy is already in your yard.

The power of faith was measured in Russia some years ago [8]. It was found to be able to increase the bio-currents in the body 500,000 times, which is a powerful coefficient of increase that shouldn't be neglected. If placebo could cure somebody's cancer based on his faith, we should admire the power of faith of this person, instead of ignoring the healing effect as based on nothing (placebo). There are cases, in which mobilization to accomplish a high goal was curing the cancer. Such was the case of Lance Armstrong, who cured his advanced lungs', brains, and abdominal cancer, by training hard and winning the "Ture de France" in 1999. It took him three years of hard work, but he won the competition, as well as the battle over his cancer.

Another similar case was observed in Russia [6]. Vladimir Zarechni after his diagnosis of lung cancer, decided he is not going to die without accomplishing his life dream-to build himself a plane and fly on it. Not only did he build a plane and flied on it, this cured his cancer. How to explain the miraculous cure in these cases? When we experience positive emotions, Russian measurements with their patented equipment found that our donut-shaped NEMF spins much faster clockwise. Nonlinear physics teaches that at clockwise spinning (like in a vortex) energy is sucked in through the hole of the donut, where the axis of spinning is, and the sucked energy is going to energize the human NEMF. This will add the missing nonlinear force, which will integrate the disintegrated cancerous cells and the cancer will be cured. Considering the facts that the human NEMF is light and sensitive to light and sound [4], we should be also looking for suitable light and sound to increase back the human NEMF, decreased by the stress of life (or negative emotions). These would be new quantum ways to battle the cancer.


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