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Advances in Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Milk Fact not Fiction it has Contrast Medicine: Revise

Rahul Hajare*

Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India

*Corresponding author: Rahul Hajare, Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, India

Submission: December 01, 2017; Published: December 11, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2017.01.000503

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume1 Issue1

Statement of Purpose

This article has expressed the importance of cow milk as complementary medicine. Milk has fully accepted as an essential and extraordinary importance, it has contrast medicine. There are two types of milk. A1 milk which is produce by jersey, holstein and there is a indian version desi cow which has hump on his back that cow is source of A2 milk. The hump in vedic cow has a specific vein called surya ketu nadi, which is absent in non-vedic cows. This nadi (vein) absorbs all the energies and radiation from sun, moon, and all luminaries from universe and puts them in cow products like milk, dung, ghee (clarified butter). Indian cow has unique vein on interaction with solar rays produces gold salt in her blood. Desi Cow is the only divine living being that has (vein connected to sun) passing through her backbone. It has believed to that this nadi absorbs the medicinal essence from the sun. They possess dewlap (prominent specific fold of skin hanging below neck). This dewlap gives immunity power to cow and cow products. Each ingredient produces remarkable benefits to the health of all living beings and immunity booster. Surya ketu nadi vedic cow has found in milk 6 types of vitamins, 8 types of protein, 25 types of minerals, 21 types of amino acids, 4 types of basic phosphorus, 2 types of glucose, cerebrosides, strontyne, MDGI, carotene with golden abstracts, indian hump cow with sebam gland, so absorb the sun rays, that cow milk is yellow in colour. A2 milk of indian humped cows is more beneficial as it has micro nutrients like cytokine, A2 beta casein protein and minerals which enhance the immune system.

Keywords: A1 milk; A2 milk; Desi cow

Main Test

Most of the desi cows produce A2 milk while other cows give A1. A2 milk is considered nutritious, rich in alpha-2 casein proteins which is useful for healthy living and immune builder. In cow product of non-vedic species this divine effect of surya ketu nadi is absent. According to research of Smith [1], it has found that A2 milk stimulates the production of antibodies, hus building the immune system. In humans, it has been reported to increase appetite, heal wounds and immubity booster in people living with HIVAIDS. A1 milk, milk of humpless western cow, consist of toxic casein protein, B tac, morphine 7, B7, BCM-7 and problem associates with A1 milk such as autism, type 1 diabetes, suden infant death syndrome (SIDS), ulcerative colitis, cardiac problem, multiple sclerosis, mentle disorder, parkinsons, schizophrenia, obesity, arteriosclerosis, intolerance blotting Hawthorne [2]. The indigenous or vedic cow breeds of our country gives nutritious, safe A2 milk. There are different types of casein proteins and one particular type is called the Beta-Casein which has two variations: A1 & A2. The A1 beta casein is a highly toxic component while the A2 is harmless and safe. It has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals which enhances your immune system. With the A1 beta casein, there's a release of a 'peptide' which a small fragment of protein called "Beta-Caso-Morphin-7" the devil in the milk. The BCM7 is an opioid (psychoactive chemical) and when it gets through from the stomach into the blood, it can cause all sorts of problems. The human body simply doesn't like this opioid and it tries to react against it and depending on the individual's genetic makeup, one could get all sorts of diseases ranging from juvenile diabetes, autism, allergies and etc. To make it worse, BCM-7 crosses the blood brain barrier, which means, it could get in to your brain, resulting in schizophrenia and auto-immune diseases such parkinson's. In children, it could cause several issues for their psychomotor and physical development (a recent study made by russian scientists has confirmed this). The west has now woken up to the truth and more and more people are going to A2 milk. Desi Cow milk has amino acids which makes its protein easily digestible and is good for kidney. It is a rich source of Vitamins like B2, B3, A which helps increasing immunity. Desi Cow milk is highly rich in calcium content. It is essential for the growth and development of bones. It joins with phosphorous to form calcium phosphate, which is an integral element of hydroxyapatite, which in turn provides structure and strength to the bones. It helps in protecting the colon cells from the chemicals that cause cancer. It is preventive against the migraine headaches and also reduces the PMS symptoms at the time of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and it has beneficial in preventing obesity in children and adults Truswell AS [3]. The calcium present in milk helps in oxidation of body fat and thus decreases the secretion of parathyroid hormone. Hence, the level of this hormone is maintained at a low rate. It also plays an integral role in blood clotting, muscle contraction, blood pressure regulation of cell membrane function. Desi Milk contains the high- quality protein in rich quantity, which is of great importance to the body. It has proved extremely helpful in fighting against gout, which is a common type of arthritis. It contains riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin B12. Both the vitamins are functional in the milk, being rich in calcium and potassium, prevents the formation of kidney stones in the body. Cow milk being miraculous poison destroyer, destroys the disease caused by poison (Toxin). Extremely dangerous chemicals are purified by cow milk. Cow milk provides immunity power by increasing resistance power against diseases in human body. It is anti toxin. Cow milk corrects functioning of liver. So, liver makes healthy pure blood. It gives disease resistance power to the body. Cow milk contains many minerals especially copper, gold salts, etc. It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency Presence of gold salts protects body against diseases. Proline rich peptides (PRP's) act as hormones that regulate the thymus gland and help modulate the immune system (much in the same way as the nutrients mentioned above). Specifically, PRP's promote better functioning of T-lymphocytes, they help produce cytokines, they stimulate the activity of natural killer cells (NK cells) and they stimulate and modulate many other immunological functions. What makes cow colostrum one of the best ant aging foods is that PRP's increase the permeability of blood vessels in the skin, resulting in the improved uptake of nutrients into the skin which results in a healthier and more youthful complexion? Cow dung has antiseptic, anti-radioactive and anti-thermal properties.


A2 milk being miraculous poison destroyer destroys the disease caused by poison (toxin). Extremely dangerous chemicals are purified by cow milk. A2 milk provides immunity power by increasing resistance power against diseases in human body. Now a days western secretly engage smuggling of desi cows embryos from India and single agenda of west convert A1 cow to A2 cow and they came to India for embryoof the punganur cow which has a high fat content and is rich in medicinal properties and their is no mechanism to check illegal export of emprios at sea port refregerated conteners. I would like to request present prime minister to rename of sea port and it will be a solution of everything related to desi cow, heritage and legacy.

Main Test

This study has been guided under the unparallel supervision and guidance of Hon'ble Dr. Ramesh Paranjape, Retired as Director & Scientist 'G' National AIDS Research Institute, India. I express my sincere gratitude towards Sir for motivation and being great knowledge source for this work. I seek continuous support for my research career.


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© 2017 Rahul Hajare. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.