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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

Vacuum Myofascial Therapy Device in Treatment of Muscle Fibrosis

  • Open or CloseMarcelo Potolicchio1, Jorge Góngora-Rodríguez2 and Manuel Rodríguez-Huguet3,4*

    1Dadisa Cádiz Medical Centre, iSalud, Spain

    2Policlínica Santa María Clinic, Spain

    3Department of Nursery and Physiotherapy, University of Cádiz, Spain

    4Andalusian Regional Public Health Service Hospital, Universitario Puerta del Mar, Spain

    *Corresponding author: Manuel Rodríguez-Huguet, Faculty of Nursery and Physiotherapy, Avda. Ana de Viya 52, Cádiz, 11009, Spain

Submission: June 30, 2021; Published: September 21, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2021.06.000646

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume6 Issue5


24-year-old professional soccer player presented severe pain in the right quadriceps muscle after a 10-month evolution of muscle rupture occurred during sports practice. The objective is analyze the effects of vacuum therapy for improve the pain, the tissue elasticity, and the functionality in muscle fibrosis. The physical treatment was based in vacuum therapy with PHYSIUM System®, and the evaluation was done with shear-wave elastography. Treatment and evaluation were performed once a week for three weeks. Baseline, there were strong fibrillar distortion and fibrosis in elastography. Finally, fibrillar restoration has been verified, and patient could return to sports practice. Vacuum myofascial therapy applied with a device improves in the treatment of muscle fibrosis and it allows precise and reproducible parameters to be applied every time.

Keywords: Soft tissue injuries; Fibrosis; Vacuum; Cupping therapy; Physiotherapy

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